Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to the Heart of It hi.
Excuse: Life has been so crazy swirling around; I'm the paper stick , life- the cotton candy.
I have a new job. Other than the one that I've had for the past almost 4 years. I was offered an opportunity to teach. I couldn't pass it up. I now teach 7th & 8th grade special ed reading in Germantown. It is (aside being a mom) the hardest job I have ever had. These kids- amazing, heart-breaking. The school- inspiring. My colleges- fantastic minds and hearts to match. I'll write more about the job someday soon.
I know what you really want...and here they are:

So Jack, I haven't the right words to describe how amazing my first born little man is. He is witty and compassionate. He makes me laugh and almost cry on a daily basis. The discovery that a child his age goes through is crazy. My boy. I guess that his biggest accomplishment to date is that he can finally wear underpants to bed. We were truly scared of the whole "change the sheets every other minute because the kid peed in bed again", but Jack, as usual, has stepped up to the plate, or potty rather and proved us that he can handle the bedtime stuff. I'm sure that as I'm writing this he is pissing everywhere to spite my comment.
I had to get stitches this weekend...a whole other story, and Jack's reaction was 1st "Mommy, that is so cool!". Then he looked at the stitches again and a worried look crept over his face and he put his hand on my shoulder. "Mommy, I think I just need to give you a hug...I love you". Everyday miracles. So to wrap up the Jack factor here is an image from tonight, that if I think to much about, I will cry. Maybe its more the caption that goes along with it:

"Jack Playing Guitar"
Oliver...aka The Moose
Tempus Fugit. I can't believe how fast this almost over year is. Ollie is 9 1/2 months old...WHAT!?!
He is standing and crusing, having ,mastered the army crawl. He LOVES music. When I sing "Brotherhood of Man" he dances wildly, and when I sing "Better Place to Be" by Harry Chapin, he rests his head and sucks his chunky thumb. Speaking of chunk- this boy can eat- He weighs mere pounds less than Jack and eats sweet potatoes like they are going out of style!
Ollie LOVES his brother. he crawls after him like a puppy. He frequently uses Jacks belt loops as a handle. As soon as he gets anywhere near Jacks face, he opens his mouth and tries to inhale him. Of course this is combined with Ollie grabbing a fistful of hair for support. Jack is patient though.
I think the most wonderful thing is the way that Jack can make Oliver laugh. Its different from any other noise that he makes. There is nothing more innocent, more pure than my two boys giggling. It is my heaven.
Oliver is infatuated with the world around him. He loves people and knows his family. When he sees my mother or someone he knows he shakes back and forth, claps his hands and reaches out his rotund arms. he will grab your face and pull himself as close as he can. He tries to kiss you- but you jsut end up slobbered.
Oliver shares. Don't be suprised if you are holding him and he looks down at his raisined thumb, thinks, and then sticks in in your mouth. He's a giver!
So, Oliver picks and then to bed:

goodnight...dream about the angels