Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Road To Wellville

The boys are better!
Jack has returned to a crazy little man, and Oliver is almost 100% as well. This makes me so very happy.
I took Ollie for his 1 month checkup...11 pounds ladies and gentlemen. He was 8 pounds at 10 days old, and now at 1 month- 11 pounds...you do the math. All else is well and on target with him...
I don't have much else to say today except that I am a happy mama!
On a fun side note:
When Jack does something well, we tell him that we are proud of him. Last night I was sitting and pumping some breast milk. Jack is fascinated with the whole process. Anyway, he points in close to me and says:

JHT: "Mommy, is that your broken boobie?" (a few weeks ago the things were damn near falling off!)
ME: "Yes, but they are all better."
JHT: "Oh, I'm so proud of you for making Oliver's milk!"
ME: "Thanks..."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Write It Out

I can't lie, having sick boys is really getting old. I feel like I can't really enjoy the lounge weeks of having a newborn.
My Hands...I have the worst case of dishpan hands on the planet. They look like I've sat and rubbed Brillo across them just for fun. But I am being such a freak about washing in between touching children as to not reinfect. Enough complaining...I'm sorry. The funny thing is that I've been reprimanding Jack for all of his whining lately and here I am doing the same.
Jack did do something amazing today. I sacrificed my new sharp markers to Jack as something fun for him to do...the green will never be the same. He loves to draw.
Anyway he was drawing shapes and playing with stickers and I decided to go into pre-school mode. I wrote his name in tiny dots and asked him to trace it.
Sage and I have done this before, but today he rocked it out and I am super proud of him!
First a pic of a sick boy getting well:

Now, his name...he got really excited when he got to "K":

Its the little things that make you feel a bit less crazy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

4 Weeks

Its been 4 weeks already. Through all of the tiredness and sickness, it still doesn't feel like its been that long.

I know the exact moment I fell in love with Ollie. It wasn't right as he was born; I think because I was still heaving. It wasn't in the recovery room. It wasn't even on that day. I know it sounds horrible, but I'm just being honest.

On the morning of December 28 at around 6:30 AM they brought Ollie into my room. He went to the nursery that night because I wasn't able to get out of bed and Sage was home with #1.

There was a small light on that made the room soft yellow. They brought him in and I raised my bed. They put him into my arms and he was wide awake. Not hungry, not fussy, just awake. For about an hour we stared at each other. I just held him in the quiet and stared. I began to memorize his face and breathe him in. It was one of the most beautiful times of my life.

One month later, and he is getting personality and I swear he smiled at me this morning, and not because he was moving a good one!

I was never quite sure how you could fit two children into your heart...I know it happens all the time, but I just couldn't understand it until I was there face to face in a quiet hospital room with my second son.

Please get better little boy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Trudging Along

Well, I thought Jack was better yesterday, but his cold has landed him back on the couch with a fever today.
Ollie, may have RSV. The doctor said its not too bad and to just make sure the boy doesn't get a fever. I feel so bad, the kid has been sleeping in a bouncy seat for days now because of the congestion.
The most fun part of this is keeping the two separated. All Jack wants to do is be with his brother. The other night he woke up, and while I was giving him medicine he croaked: "Mommy, I'm getting better and then I can kiss Oliver? Right?"
What kind of sick game is this? Is this my initiation into "mommy-of-2-hood"? If it is I'm Taking my ball and going home!

Monday, January 21, 2008

In An Hour

I was really pissed when I burnt my muffin...I was really looking forward to some buttery toasted bran and that had to happen. I looked at it like a "cleansing".
So I called the doctor, and as I explained Ollie's symptoms, the nurse says: "yeah, he's gonna need to come in..."
I still feel so helpless. Thats what I hate the most. Sitting and watching your 3 week old heave; patting his little back and hearing the crackle inside. Some things aren't easier the second time around.
I hate the helplessness...
At least we're going soon.


So I seriously jixed myself. I think I have been boasting the good life too much...It is now 6:45 AM.
Jack, has an unbreakable fever, and he told me his tongue hurts...which more than likely means ear infection.
Oliver is so congested that he had to sleep in his bouncy seat...I can hear him grunting from here..
The doctor's office opens in 2 Hrs 15 min.
They are getting a nice call from us...and we are going whether they like it or not.
I don't like these reindeer games!
Damnit! I just burnt my muffin!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Whats For Dinner

Poor kid...only 3 weeks old.
Sorry buster, this is life when Sage Thompson is your father...
Also one of the reasons I married him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Poopie On The Potty!

So we've been doing the potty training for a while now. Jack's been great with #1, but #2 has been more difficult. There have been many accidents and offerings to the underpant gods, but we've taken it all in stride. He's been such a trooper.
I honestly expected Jack to regress with this process due to the arrival of Ollie, but this has not been the case. My only goal was to just have him trained for summer since he's going to be going to camp with me.
Anyway....last night Jack was in his playroom and he yells: "I gotta poop!"
We told him to come upstairs, always enthusiastic but thinking that he'll just sit and toot.
Seconds later, the wafting smell came and Jack cried: "I made a poop- look!"
So proud. We did the "poopie" song and dance and proceeded to let him pick out a special sticker that his uncle Joji had brought from Japan.
The best part was after he cleaned up...

JHT: "Hey Mommy..."
Me: "Yes honey"
JHT: (gesturing to his little log) "It looks like a J but its really an I!"

Wow...pooping and letter recognition...I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Many Showtunes In The Womb?

Jack Says: "Look Mommy, I'm a grill"

Cut to me multitasking...

I'm just not right without my daily dose of Britney.

It actually makes me feel like the best mom ever.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oliver James

And so here he is...I know that it has been 2 weeks and no word, but I've been adjusting and enjoying my new son; Oliver James.
Just so you all know, my sons: Jack Henry & Oliver James are NOT named after Thomas the Tank Engine characters- it just so happens that there are engines with those names; although Jack would have to disagree. Another sidenote- you do not have to refer to them by their first and middle name..we do so with Jack due to an uprising in the popularity of his name- which is another rant all of its own!
So here is the newest edition and I shortly after recovery. I must say that I hate "recovery". I can't stand not being in control of my own body. I kept writhing my shoulders thinking that would quicken the process. The spinal took so long to wear off.

Spinals aren't as bad as they sound. I was terrified, but it was a much quicker and easier process that the epidural. I remember when the lovely medicine man was injecting the spinal saying to myself "...but it goes to 11!"
I also must say that I adore the nurses at Bryn Mawr...they were fanny-tastic. I knew I loved them when they injected sweet dilaudid into my IV. I am allergic to percocit- oh well!
Here is a close up of the boy:
Finally, for now I must sing the praises of my older son, who is the best big brother EVER! I was sure that there would be backlash- but no, just love. I am not stupid, I am sure that a sibling war will come upon us sooner or later, but for now- I am lovin' the love here at Team Thompson!

Tune in for more adventures of Jack & Oliver!