Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Poopie On The Potty!

So we've been doing the potty training for a while now. Jack's been great with #1, but #2 has been more difficult. There have been many accidents and offerings to the underpant gods, but we've taken it all in stride. He's been such a trooper.
I honestly expected Jack to regress with this process due to the arrival of Ollie, but this has not been the case. My only goal was to just have him trained for summer since he's going to be going to camp with me.
Anyway....last night Jack was in his playroom and he yells: "I gotta poop!"
We told him to come upstairs, always enthusiastic but thinking that he'll just sit and toot.
Seconds later, the wafting smell came and Jack cried: "I made a poop- look!"
So proud. We did the "poopie" song and dance and proceeded to let him pick out a special sticker that his uncle Joji had brought from Japan.
The best part was after he cleaned up...

JHT: "Hey Mommy..."
Me: "Yes honey"
JHT: (gesturing to his little log) "It looks like a J but its really an I!"

Wow...pooping and letter recognition...I couldn't be happier!

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