Monday, May 29, 2006


so one of the rings in the fantastic "3 ring inflatable pool" has a hole in it!...i filled the damn thing 2 rings high anyway- and jack went in with all his clothes on...his diaper weighs a ton, but he had a good time in that stupid-muck-%&*$in-hole-ridden-plastic-#*&%-POOL!!
have a nice memorial day...

fun in the sun

so this saturday i decided that little jack needed a baby pool. just something small, and cheap(insert dirty joke here). we ended up going to three stores- ugh! the first stop was the big k. i said a prayer to penny marshall that baby pools would be there...nope. not only were there no baby pools, there was no one around to help. i went to a manager and asked her if anyone was working today- she didn't get the joke. so i let jack loose in the toy aisle- he left his mark.
i ended up at cvs. ahh cvs; my indian name there is "runs with impulse buys". i did find a pool and some other "necessary items".-back to the home front-
i nearly had an attack trying to blow up this pool. regardless, i was determined. i filled the pool- changed jack into his too big swim clothes and brought him outside. i filled the pool with every plastic floating toy in the area. jack looked at me and smiled. i am a good mom. we approached the pool, ready to go. just then every cloud filled the sky, blocking the sun and the wind picked up. COME ON!!! i put him in anyway, good sport that he is. he was in for 20 minutes and he refused to sit down. maybe i'll have more luck today- harumph!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

mirror images

so it is official- the room that i grew up in is no longer my own.
i went to visit my mom this morning and she handed me a cardboard box. i know that this sounds cold, but it's not- i knew that this day was coming and the box had been waiting for me.
you see my little brother still lives at home and has taken all 3 of the bedrooms that we (my 2 bros and i) had growing up. he now has a bedroom an office, and has so graciously let my mom make one a guest room.
so the box- most of my things were thrown away. its not all that bad, because i suppose if they were really important, i would have taken them when i got married. regardless, all that is left of the room i lived in for 23 years was a cardboard box with some odds and ends; pictures, a trophy etc...the picture here is from the 8th grade father daughter dinner, i know!
i guess the wierdest thing is the mirror in my room. for years it was covered with pictures, movie ticket stubs, stickers and sharpie "tags". my brother cleaned it all off. i don't know why but it hurt a bit. this is the mirror that i looked in every day- through my changing phases of life. it is where i teased up my bangs, and put on black eyeliner when i thought i was punk...its the mirror i used to get dressed on my wedding day. call me a sap, but i always loved gazing around the mirror when i was getting ready- looking at the borders to see where i've been, and looking at my reflection to see where i was its clean...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

so this is my blog

so i have decided to jump on the wagon...i have no idea what this blog will be centered around, but for the time being i suppose i shall go to what is most prevalent in my every day gig- my little samurai- granted he is only 1/4 japanese, i know that he can feel the soy that runs through his veins. he is his father's son- he needs sunshine and the outdoors to feel complete, he is stubborn and likes to do things his own way, he has an endless curiosity and me wrapped around his chunky little finger- again, much like his dad.
today, while playing up the street with some of the neighbor's' kids, jack stepped into a 12" mud hole- he is all boy and loved every second of it. i on the other hand was left holding a pair of khaki shorts that look like...well... think of the grossest thing that you can relate to this situation and insert here.
well, so much for my first entry- duty calls, bath time and chicken pot (chicken pot, chicken pot) pie...see all the cool kids later at quizzo!