Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jack Henry!

This day, 2 years ago...

Today at the Please Touch Museum in Philly...(um, funnest place EVER!):

Happy Birthday my little man...i love you!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conversations with Jack

Jack: bye-bye mommy, see ya yater!

me: where are you going?

Jack: da store

me: what are you going to get?

Jack: nannas, gapefut, daddy cereal

me: ok, have fun

Jack: mommy?

me: what buddy?

Jack: (extends hand) hold some money peas.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Pre-Birthday Bash

so this past weekend we had Jack's birthday party. It was an awesome event. We were surrounded by friends, family and food. Could life get better than this- i submit that it could not!

Jack was pleased with the entire event as seen by the look on his chocolate covered face:

Jack also received a pair of "light-up lightning mcqueen sneakers"from sassy- he loves these shoes. Last night as we were stripping down for a bath, he wanted to keep on his "wheels":
stylin' in the Thompson household- as always!
We will be going to the please touch museum on the actually day of his birthday, and I can't wait to see what great pics come out of that trip!
Thanks to everyone who helped with Jack's party- especially Mom-Mom. I couldn't have done it without you! You're the best!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Day in The Life

After an uneventful trip to the supermarket I am standing in line getting out my card to pay. When out of the blue.... " I YIKE BOOBIES!....BOOBIES...BOOBIES...BOOBIES!"
Ladies and gentlemen, that's my boy.
When the checker looked at jack and said "What did you say honey?" he looked her square in the eyes and replied- " i saaaiiidd BOOBIES!"

Friday, February 16, 2007

That Thong Tha Thong Thong Thong

The Y is such a good source of blogging material. That being said I returned to the gym today after a 2 day "snow" break. The first day was justified, the second was rationalized.
Anyway, we are warming up in our cardio kick and sculpt (aka- do NOT eat cereal beforehand) class. There is this woman in front of me...VISUAL TIME!
This woman is in her early 40's and a brick house. She is so well in shape that I feel like a fluff-a-nutter sandwich next to her. That's the good part. Other than that...the woman wears a full face of makeup to sweat and her shorter hair is "done" on the top and pulled into a mini pony tail in the back. The woman also has the best rack that money can buy- those things don't move!
That all being said she really does work hard on her body- so maybe I'm just jealous.
Today, we were warming up with some squats and this woman- if front of me was thong flashing- COME ON PEOPLE! It must have been intentional- it matched the rest of her damned outfit! She made feeble attempts to hike her low-low rise leggins'- but gave up and really got into it. So gross- because all i could think of was the yeast infection that she was surely breeding...sorry inappropriate- but necessary...i was going to go eat lunch now- that is no longer a possibility- sorry all...have a thong-a-licious friday!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doyle You're an Idiot!

This is a fond term my high school art teacher Sr. Ethel would use frequently with me.

Today I burnt myself making Jack a grilled Cheese sandwich. Hope your V-Day is scorchin'!

He came home early!

Sage came home early to play with us in the snow. We went sledding down the hill (driveway) behind our house. Sage also made an igloo- which didn't go over so well. Good try Sage!

V Day

Morning all...Happy V day...It's not my favorite holiday. I really believe that you should tell the people you love how you feel no matter the date. In any case I thought I would give a "shout out" to those I love anyway.

My Friends: Especially the ones I don't see as often as I would like. It's good to know that even after days, weeks, months even years we can reconnect and pick up right where we left off like kids putting off homework.

My Family: I'm blessed with a large family, and you know whats cool...I could call any one of them at any moment and they would be there for me.

To the ones I have lost: Especially my dad and my Boo-Boo. There isn't a day that goes by that they do not run into my thoughts. I miss them every minute still.

My Brother John: Tortured me as a kids. He would put pillows on top of me and then fart. A real class act. But as much as he would rough me up- he would just as fiercely protect me. He's knows something about everything and he's got an amazing work ethic that reminds me of my Boo-Boo washing dishes at the restaurant.

My Brother Brian: I can only compare his heart to my dad's. Bri loves to the tips of his fingers. He would do anything for anyone. He makes me want to be better person.

My Mom: If you told me 10 years ago that I would look forward to being with my mom- I would say you were crazy. My dad always said we were too much alike and that's why we fought so much. My mom is now the one I turn to when I need to laugh, cry and vent. She is the best woman I know. I take it as a compliment now when people compare me to her.

My little boy: There is no better feeling than to not ever have to wake up to a heinous alarm anymore. I wake to the sound of Jack calling my name. He is an everyday miracle.

My Sage: I was so lucky to marry my best friend. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. We drive each other nuts, but as he says "we laugh way more than we cry" and that's what is important. I love him more than all the stars in the sky. I don't have enough words.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I only hope that anyone reading this has as much love in their life as I do!
Happy valentines!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

I remember loving snow as a kid. Not so much now. I hate when it creeps in between my boots and socks while I sweep off the car. I don't like driving in it either. But today, on the first real snow day we've had this winter, I remembered. I took Jack out this afternoon. He was in his glory. He thought it was so "silly" that we were playing soccer, and was amazed at his own footprints. He didn't mind the snot running down his face or the snow on his eyelashes. He just enjoyed the world -looking like an empty canvas- he drew on it today.

I wish I could have taken pics of him outside- but the thought of dropping the D70 in the snow worried me. So here are his mini boots. Happy snow day- the first for me in to make hot chocolate for my baby!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Truly Outrageous!

So I've been working on a project for work. Its the company's 25th anniversary and I have been asked to look up some of the finer points in 1982 (sports heroes, movies etc...) As I searched, I began to reminisce about my own experience in the 80's...I'd like to share with you my
Top 10 Things I Loved in the 80's
10) Jem- I wish I had an earring that could make me cooler with but a touch.
9)My first record- Whitney Houston (before she was a crack whore)
8)Garbage Pail Kids- I must say though, "Planet Janet" was beat!
7)Muscle Men- They were these small plastic guys. My brother and I would take them to the beach. We built castles and put them in- we would start with 50 and go home with 4
6)Trapper Keepers- 'nuff said
5)Sike- Can we start saying this again- I really love it- sike, no really i love it
4)My mom-mom got me this great baggy sweater for my birthday once. It was a deep V neck with crazy colorful people that looked like Max Headroom on it.
3)My Mary Lou Retton tee shirt
2) Crazy ass high swings. You remember when the chains were about 40 feet high. And then we would jump- no wood chips!
1) Jellies- The slip on kind that left diamonds all over your feet. It was the coolest foot tan ever.
That's my list...please feel free to comment on some of your personal favorites!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Definatly A Tail

On Saturday we went to our friends' kid's first birthday. It was an adorable safari theme. Everything was thought of- down to the last detail. Someone went around the room putting tails on all of the kids. I was sure that Jack would rip it off. This is due to the fact that Sage is constantly sticking and putting things on our child. In fact, shortly before this photo was taken, I came into the room to see my son with a fly swatter* stuck down the back of his overalls and Jack doing circles to free it. Regardless, Jack loves the tail and will growl on command.

* The fly swatter was never used in actual bug killing warfare- we brought it home to find that it better served as a substitute golf club for those under 3 ft.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Young Hearts...Run Free

So the Y that I go to made a beautiful new room for our fitness classes. I love it- the floors, the sound system- not so much the wall to wall mirrors. I'm not a fan of watching my self jiggle. These mirrors also let you see the people walking in the halls behind you.
Anyway, I was towards the back of the class- due to a hole in my stretch pants ( i didn't want to flash my hottie hanes her way!). We were towards the end of the workout and doing some crazy ass ab work with weights. The music was pumping a techno version of that song "young hearts run free" and I was feeling the burn...that and the cereal I ate. In the mirror I see a woman behind me walk into the class to see what was going on. She was in her late 50s rocking out a Mr. Brady perm. She was (no lie) wearing a ballet leotard ( emphasis on tard) with black stockings, complete with white L.A. Gear sneaks and fold down socks. Did I forget the fanny pack with water bottle attachment?!? She proceeds to stand in the doorway of the room and dance- seriously- DANCE! She even threw a spin in for good measure. I had to stop looking when "pump up the volume" came on because I almost farted. really.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

As Dreams Go By...

My dad died when I was 20. Probably the suckiest thing that has ever happened to me or anyone else in my family. Again I quote my mom..."it sucks". But I don't want to get into the sad stuff. If you have lost a hero, than you know what the feeling is like. Anyway...
Sage was telling me about a conversation he was having with a friend of ours who also recently lost her dad. She was asking about a dream she had with her father and if he thought it had any meaning.
Now I believe in dreams. I don't go toothpaste sandwich crazy picking apart details, but I believe. I only have had 2 dreams about my dad since he died. But they are so crystal clear, and I have to believe that its him.
The first came months after he died. In the dream we are sitting outside of an airplane. I know my brothers are on either side of me even though i can't see them. Across from us about 20 yards away is my father sitting at a long table next to people I don't know. He had a blanket around his shoulders like a cape. This may sound odd to some of you, but my dad would take naps before dinner. He would just "look at the inside of his eyelids" for a few minutes and when he would come down he would don a blanket around his shoulders. In the dream he was smiling and waving. Also, I for some reason could read lips in this dream. He leaned over to the man to his left and said "those are my kids". He just smiled and waved. I really believe this dream was just to tell me he was ok.
The other dream I had was when I was pregnant. We were not going to find out the sex of the baby. I know you're not supposed to care what you have, but I wanted a boy. It was sort of an unspoken race between me and my married brother to see who would have the first "Jack". Everyone and their mother told me I was having a girl and so I tried to convince myself and settle into the idea of a little me -UGH!
Well into my second trimester I had a dream with my father in it. He is simply standing and holding a baby. That baby was in a blue blanket. In my heart of hearts, I knew I was having a boy. Thinking about this dream still gives me goosebumps- I know he held him.
So, if my dear friend who lost her dad too is reading this- yes it means something. He may just be saying hi-hold onto that!