Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conversations with Jack

Jack: bye-bye mommy, see ya yater!

me: where are you going?

Jack: da store

me: what are you going to get?

Jack: nannas, gapefut, daddy cereal

me: ok, have fun

Jack: mommy?

me: what buddy?

Jack: (extends hand) hold some money peas.


namdlab said...

What the heck are money peas?!

( Ba dum bum... )

Linda said...

This brought back memories of "Parenthood"...the movie that is...when the little blond boy put a bucket on his head and was walking into the wall and laughing...juxstaposed to that scene is the genious child playing Mozart on the piano...Great film...I highly recommend if you have not alredy seen it.