Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Truly Outrageous!

So I've been working on a project for work. Its the company's 25th anniversary and I have been asked to look up some of the finer points in 1982 (sports heroes, movies etc...) As I searched, I began to reminisce about my own experience in the 80's...I'd like to share with you my
Top 10 Things I Loved in the 80's
10) Jem- I wish I had an earring that could make me cooler with but a touch.
9)My first record- Whitney Houston (before she was a crack whore)
8)Garbage Pail Kids- I must say though, "Planet Janet" was beat!
7)Muscle Men- They were these small plastic guys. My brother and I would take them to the beach. We built castles and put them in- we would start with 50 and go home with 4
6)Trapper Keepers- 'nuff said
5)Sike- Can we start saying this again- I really love it- sike, no really i love it
4)My mom-mom got me this great baggy sweater for my birthday once. It was a deep V neck with crazy colorful people that looked like Max Headroom on it.
3)My Mary Lou Retton tee shirt
2) Crazy ass high swings. You remember when the chains were about 40 feet high. And then we would jump- no wood chips!
1) Jellies- The slip on kind that left diamonds all over your feet. It was the coolest foot tan ever.
That's my list...please feel free to comment on some of your personal favorites!


Sage said...

You should of titled it "Totally Rad!"

Lauren said...

you think "planet janet" was beat? bout "pourin lauren" the slutty bunny waitress???? what the f was that all about? my favorite was "losing faith" the girl was bound and gagged tied to a rocket missel! funny as all hell!