Friday, February 16, 2007

That Thong Tha Thong Thong Thong

The Y is such a good source of blogging material. That being said I returned to the gym today after a 2 day "snow" break. The first day was justified, the second was rationalized.
Anyway, we are warming up in our cardio kick and sculpt (aka- do NOT eat cereal beforehand) class. There is this woman in front of me...VISUAL TIME!
This woman is in her early 40's and a brick house. She is so well in shape that I feel like a fluff-a-nutter sandwich next to her. That's the good part. Other than that...the woman wears a full face of makeup to sweat and her shorter hair is "done" on the top and pulled into a mini pony tail in the back. The woman also has the best rack that money can buy- those things don't move!
That all being said she really does work hard on her body- so maybe I'm just jealous.
Today, we were warming up with some squats and this woman- if front of me was thong flashing- COME ON PEOPLE! It must have been intentional- it matched the rest of her damned outfit! She made feeble attempts to hike her low-low rise leggins'- but gave up and really got into it. So gross- because all i could think of was the yeast infection that she was surely breeding...sorry inappropriate- but necessary...i was going to go eat lunch now- that is no longer a possibility- sorry all...have a thong-a-licious friday!

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