Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I haven't written and have many stories....
The only one that matters right now though:
Tommorow- C-section 9 Am
signing off.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Some Ketchup Talk

Well, we are somewhat back in the groove. I finally got a seasonal job to carry me over until the birth of #2. I will be taking kids portraits at the new photo studio in the Babies R Us. If you need your kids photo- or want one of yourself- let me know...should be fun!
Jack is better. We are officially on the road to potty training. I actually purchased some "big boy underpants" yesterday. Jack put them on when he got home from school. He peed in the first pair- he did not enjoy that. He walked around like a cowboy..."I don't yike dis! help, I'm so wet..." He proceeded to go 5 times on his mini potty after the first "wetting".
I think that those pull-ups are a waste of time and money. For takes a while for them to wake up and pee. But for everyday use- Jack doesn't mention the potty if he has a diaper on...the pull-ups are just a glorified diaper that cost alot more. Thomas undies it is.
I started Christmas shopping yesterday, for Jack. I am so paranoid that I'm going to go early this time. That, and I don't think that I am going to want to deal with everyone elses "holiday cheer" come December. 2 months people- are you kidding me. So much to get done. OY!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 6

Jack has been sick since last Saturday. I am ready to pull my hair out. This has really sucked and I do feel so bad for my little man.
I went to the doctor on Monday, and he told me to wait a day or so to see if he got better before giving him ear infection medicine. Then I called his school, and they said that a fever virus has been running around that lasts 3-4 days. So I've waited. I thought we were on the up&up yesterday, but he woke up this morning with another fever. To top this lovely fever off, he has this congestion that makes him cough/puke up massive amounts of phlegm and whatever he might have ingested in the past few hours.
So we went this morning to get the prescription for Jack. Next Battle: Taking the GD meds!
I've looked online at cute little excerpts from happy moms in FL & CA and other abv. states and see all their tips and tricks of the trade. I say to you moms- Piss OFF!
My kids will not take meds. he has not since he was 1. the only kind of fever meds we can get into him are the kind that make you clench your cheeks- thats right. I fear the repercussions of this later in life.
"Just hide it in here, put it there...make a game of it..." You know what? You can't bullshit a bullshitter- and he knows. If you try and force it like my aunt did on his first birthday- he will puke it right back on to you.
What also sucks is that this small 5 dose jar cost $40. I've gone through 2 doses trying to sneak it in.
I'm just so frustrated..."just do this, just do that..." YOU DO IT THEN!
I know I'm not the only one, but hell, can't the DR. just give him a shot?
I called the doc today after I destickified myself and the receptionist said...oh he won't be in till after 1 but I'll have him give you a do that lady.
I hope I can get this shit in a pill. My luck it will be a horse sized gel cap that can't be crushed. MF'in medical companies.
Regardless, I hope everyone has a lovely day...I'm off to wash another shirt with puke and pink meds .

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gym It Up

So I have been trying to keep up with some sort of a workout during this pregnancy. Not much, just 2-3 times a week. It makes me feel better when I am finishing off yet another bag of mini-Baby Ruths. So I'm on the treadmill, and I glance over to see this woman in tip top condition. Not only is she riding the stationary bike, but she is also lifting weights at the same time. Sweat forms on my brow just watching her. I glance ahead of me into the large mirror that covers the wall and see myself. Hold on to your hats everyone- I'm waddling. My pony tail is swinging freely and I look like mother goose. Have a good weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2007

For the Day

So this past Thursday my mom, JHT, and I took off for a day trip to the good 'ole Jersey shore. I don't know what it is about this place, but it really relaxes me. I didn't know how much fun it would be to chase Jack around being as pregnant as I am, but when we got there I realized how I should never have worried.
I know that Jack is very much his father's son. They love hiking and exploring nature together. It makes me smile though to know that my boy is also a beach bum.
My mother rented a beachfront hotel room for the afternoon. I had told her the night before that I wanted to go, but was concerned about my bladder and the small infant that slept upon it. We walked into this room- and Jack's first comment "mommy, I smell sumpin". Typical beach hotel. No matter, it was only a vessel for all of the shit I didn't need on the actual beach.
We hit the Wawa before we got to the beach to eat some sandwiches. In any other circumstance I would hate having sand in my food, but on the beach I just consider it exfoliation for my mouth. I shoved down my hoagie because Jack wanted to greet the waves. We raced down and after the initial shock of the water, Jack layed on his stomach facing out and waited for the waves to hit him.
I was smart to bring some cars with me and was so happy to see my boy lying on the sand racing and burying them. May the green car named "Ca-jigga" rest in peace as he is now property of the ocean.
The nicest part was that no one was really there. Jack could safely roam around and be free- It took him some time to realize this concept. Every 20 steps or so, he would look back with raised eyebrows asking for approval. It didn't take too long for him to understand, and he planted himself at the water's edge with his toys.
Did I mention the seagulls? My Lord they are fat. They all had quited the summer. We all walked to the water at one point; during that time they went in my backpack and took 2 bags of chips and Jack's half eaten sandwich. Then after that feast, we thought we were safe only to find that they came back, opened my mom's bag, and pilfered her bag of twizzlers. At that point, there was at all times a "watch-gull" near our stuff. These birds probably wanted to see what the retards would leave out next. The only time I worried was when they tried to take off with a pack of wipes. I yelled and had my mom chase them. Yes, for wipes.
At around 5 we headed back to the room and showered. We walked down the boards to where my family's shore house is. Well, its no longer my family's, but it is the house I went to until my great-grandmother died. This house, right on the boardwalk, with a front yard big enough for football games, belongs to someone else. I hope they have kids, whoever they are. This house has something like 9 bedrooms and back-staicases and was the best place for hide and seek. When we got older, we would stay on the 3rd floor. You could climb out on the roof and smoke the cigarettes that you had ganked from your parents. It was a mile walk from anything important. Close enough- but still far enough removed.
After mourning the house for a few moments, we walked down the street to take the jitney. It was jack's first ride and he loved it. To quote my mom- "Forget the rides next summer-just take the jitney!"
Finally at our destination- we scoffed down boardwalk pizza (did I mention the seagulls at our feet?), ice cream, and bought fudge. We took the Jitney home, and then left.
I always love a day down the shore, but I never feel like I get enough.
On the ride home, I kept turning around to see the lights run across Jack's face. His face windblown, hair standing up, and some crusty ice cream on his cheek. Day well spent.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lucky Lady

I feel like I've been caught up in the "prego bitchies" lately; all with good reason if I may say so. I've officially left the cute stage of pregnancy and moved onto the sciatic-nerve-pain-heartburn-boobs-need-their-own-zip-code part. Here is the tum-tum at 23 weeks:

Now that I've let the bitch out a bit, I must say, that I am truly a lucky woman...observe:

First, my husband is hot. I tell people all the time- here is photographic evidence. I've dated some decent looking people in my time, and some duds, but man-oh-man- Sage is hot! I know it sounds silly, but I really wonder sometimes how I managed to scoop him up. It must be my fabulous bod...(refer to photo 1). Topping all of his hotness off is the fact that we really do have fun together. As a matter of fact, he was home earlier today. We were waiting for the carpet guys to finish in the basement and decided to play catch in the house. I can be a very calming game. But I couldn't stop laughing because he couldn't figure out why it didn't look cool to throw with his left. He's 4, and 9 times out of 10 I love that about him.

Speaking of childlike qualities...look at that kid to Sage's side. C'mon, I don't care who you are-he's cute. Alright, alright, I am mom and therefore bias. But this little boy does something to my heart. He is truly funnier than Sage and I combined, he has fantastic wit, and a heart that reminds me of someone past.

To top this all off, I have another member of Team Thompson on the horizon. Sometimes I wonder what I'm getting into- but so far so good.

Take a sec today...why are you lucky?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

enjoy the day off!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So many changes. Sage and I have been talking about the new baby, new rooms, and so many other things recently. I got off the phone with my mom a bit ago and I again was talking about changes.
In the next 18 weeks, Jack will be going through so many changes. First, he is starting a new day care on Monday. I know that he will eventually be fine, but realising that our time home alone together is over really saddens me. In a perfect world I would be able to do what my mom did and stay home until we were all in school. It really chaps my ass that the world just isn't set up that way. The people who can afford to stay home don't...that I will never understand.
The kids I worked with this past summer were amazed that I was a mom. One little boy said that his mom was 51. This coming from a 7 year old. Are you kidding me? The crazier thing is that is the norm. I never wanted to wait until I was financially secure enough to acquire some human ornaments. I don't want to start a fight- I know that many people wait years and years on adoption lists, and that their time to parent comes when it does. But, I love the fact that my mom can take Jack to the park and actually play with him.
The down side to all of this early procreation- money.
More changes for Jack- new room, big boy bed, potty training (God help me here), and a new baby.
I know that everything will work out the way it should. I know Jack will adjust as have millions of big brothers and sisters throughout time. But he's my baby, my worry. Sometimes I want nothing more than to wrap him up and carry him around with me.
I asked my mom a while ago about how she was able to let my brother and I go the park alone. The idea of this petrifies me. My mom replied "For a long time you only thought you were alone, I was standing behind trees and bushes." This made me feel better, because looking back I feel like my brother and I had so much freedom in the summers to just roam. I always looked at my mom as someone who has it together. Kid stuff doesn't get to her. Maybe it seems that way because we 3 have survived childhood and thrived under her care. I just don't want to screw up- too much.
18 weeks left- it just doesn't seem like enough time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

End of Summer Evaluation

Hello to anyone who might have stopped by here!

I know that its been so long since I've been around. The summer has been long and wonderful. I cannot disclose the details of my job due to new Internet rules (what?!?). Since I am vying for their fall employment, I will comply.
As much fun as the summer was, it was also really difficult. My job requires me to be super crazy spirited. In the beginning this was not a problem, but as my pregnancy and belly expanded, things got harder. I have issues with people who come to work and do not give 100%- Why come if you don't want to work. This may sound funny to those close to me. I am fabulous at half-assing many things, its a gift really, but a no go when it comes to clocking in.
I had to really focus in on my body and listen to its ever changing needs.

The little one causing all this you ask?:

Ah, yes- The old-school ultrasound. OK, This is a picture of the baby's head and chest. Picture the child standing right in front on you and looking straight into your face...that is what is happening here.
We do know the gender, but out of respect for my mom- I will not post it here. (LIVE YOUR DREAMS MOM!)
If you would like to know- just shoot me an email and I'll let you know.
As for the other small Thompson in my life- Jack Henry is doing well. He has mastered the word "because" and is enjoying his twos.
Last night though- the little stinker was up all night screaming for juice. See we are cutting down his liquid intake as to hopefully potty train him before the birth of the new one. He is a well hydrated little boy- he does get juice before going to bed. Unlike Britney, he gets watered down juice and not soda.
Anyway, he has a lovely habit of waking up and asking for more. I will not lie- I have before given in- but no longer-Last night was truly a test of wills.
I was sure that social services would be at my door this morning from the screams. At one point around 1:40 AM, I stepped outside to avoid the noise- Lord help me, I could hear him on the streets" MOMMY, I WANT MY JUICE CUP RIGHT NOW!"
No juice...this morning around 7:50 AM "oh, hi mommy, i so firsty, yets get some juice please".
Nanny JO!
Anyway, I have a week or so off in between work. Last week I ran around alot. Today, I, without hesitation dropped Jack at school- promptly picked up an iced coffee and a pork roll, egg'n'cheese son a bagel- came home and watched a re-run of dawson's creek. I love pacy witter.
That being said, I am beginning to feel a bit lazy and will now find something constructive to do with myself...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cold Sheet Kinda Gal

The weather has become a wee bit colder today. It was around 72. Perfect. I am a fall girl. I do not like the extreme seasons and spring goes a bit to haywire for me. But Fall- lovely fall.
Anyway, today felt like fall. The AC was turned off and the windows opened to let in the fresh crisp air.
That being said, I love going to bed in a freezing cold room. All year round I have not only a comforter, but also a quilt on my bed. I intend to use both at all times.
I've heard people say that they love to jump into a warm cozy bed...not me. Lets put it this way- Sage is not allowed to lie on my side of the bed 1 hour prior to me going to sleep. Therefore, if he really wants to piss me off he will lie on my pillows and side of the mattress- bastard!
I love jumping in and moving my legs around until it warms to the appropriate temperature. If it be a bit to warm...I will allow one leg to come out of the covers. Any warmer than that- Then it is not cold enough in the room.
There is nothing better than flipping your pillow in the middle of the night revealing the "cold side". Oh, and move your leg to a chilly spot on the sheets? DIVINE.
I'm not sure if you even care, and I won't go into my pillow placement (its very specific). The weather man said it was going down to 50 tonight and I got a little giddy at the prospect. Happy sleeping friends!

In other news- I go for my first appointment tomorrow. I've been hesitant to write about this pregnancy before I see the doctor...So please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and that we hear one mini heartbeat!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

On Playing Dad

An old friend of mine asked some advice on what to expect/ anticipate since he is embarking on the crazy journey of parenthood. I guess that I can only speculate as to what my poor husband had to deal with when I was pregnant with little Jack. So here goes:

1) When I was in my first trimester I was really ill. I threw up 3 times a day for 3 months straight. Some hints for the hubby: Don't expect dinner all the time. I know my dear friend cooks, and cooks WELL. But my man doesn't. I couldn't stand the idea of raw meat in my hands. I really don't know what Sage ate for those three months. He probably snuck off to his mothers house. Also, my sense of smell was through the roof. Know that even if your wife loves a certain cologne- you may have to stop using it. Sage was all about his foot sprays, and was not allowed to spray them in the bedroom- I would smell it- even hours after initial spray.

2) Sex... either she wants it or not. Take advantage of the times she does- because you never know when you'll get it again.

3) I had this weird wave of nausea that would come over me at times. Especially if I was drying my hair. The only thing that helped was COLD water and baby carrots. I don't understand why, but whatever she needs in those times- just do it. You'll get out the door a lot quicker.

4) Try and bond with the belly even if you think its dumb. It always made me feel so good when Sage would kiss my belly goodnight. You see its easy for us to feel connected to the baby. More than anything we want to share what we feel with you. So take any opportunities to connect with the little one inside.

5) Doctor's appointments. I was a hard ass wife and made Sage go to every one of my visits. Your wife may not make you do so. There really is no need except for the initial "heartbeat" one and any ultrasounds. Sage never complained about this although he did mention it after jack was born. Don't miss hearing the heartbeat and seeing the ultrasound, I know this was a big help in Sage realizing that he really was going to be a dad. I just wanted Sage's support, and I hated parking in Lankaneau's garage. During the appointments, Sage would busy himself by stealing sterile unused instruments to stir his coffee with.

6) Towards the end. I was a bear. I felt like ass, and I was just done being pregnant. I would cry for no reason, and God forbid there was a cute Johnson & Johnson commercial on. There is nothing you can do. Just be there and let her talk irrational. Tell her she's beautiful.

7) During labor, I remember Sage making me laugh. I remember when the told me that I needed a C-section. I was never more scared in my life. Through the tears I remember Sage's eyes staring at me, smiling and holding my hand.
Some guys get really grossed out by gooey pregnant stuff. Get over it. You don't have to watch anything but your wife. You are not delivering the baby- so if anything bugs you out, just look at her. Be there for her.

8) Be prepared for really uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. nuff said! This also applies to pregnancy when your wife may need 14 pillows arranged in a certain way- go with it!

9) Before your family comes home- Go and clean up the house. I don't care if you hate to do so. A woman will not be able to come home to a mess and be able to leave it knowing that people may show up at any time from that point on. Set up any last minute baby items- swings, bassinets- etc...

10) She may breast feed or not....regardless be supportive of whatever she chooses to do. Sometimes latching can be difficult and stressful for the mom. Everybody is telling her what they did. Just support your wife. Also offer as much nighttime help as you can. She will be really tired and so will you. I know you have to go to work, but coming from my perspective- I don't give a shit. Help.

11) This kind of relates to # 11. Your and her families will have a wealth of advice for you. And by wealth I don't always mean good. Please for the love of God- Don't tell your wife "Well, my aunt said this...." Offer advice only when asked for it. Alot of becoming a parent is just learning by messing up. Being a mom is so scary. The love and nurture comes naturally. But at 3:22 am when she is cross eyed with exhaustion- just go with what she says- or just let her sleep.

12) My hair started falling out 3 months after Jack was born. I looked like a stuck pig and felt like Homer Simpson. Sage told me I looked beautiful. Only later after I started to regrown hair and regain my figure did he begin to laugh about the hair issue. Don't hate on him. This is how our relationship works. We play nice up until we feel it's an appropriate time to make fun of one another.

13)Sex...again. Just because you've reached the six week point doesn't mean that your wife is ready for sex. She might still be in pain, or may feel vulnerable. Go by her watch and not the little piece of paper that most men probably hang on the fridge. Oh and if she is breast feeding and you do have sex- look out- you might just get a taste of breast milk.

14) This kid may and will drive you crazy. You will question the point of ever having kids- especially if many of your friends don't yet already. But look into their eyes (and they may be crossed for the first month) and realize that this little person is as my dad said once " The best parts of your mom and me combined".

I hope that this may offer some insight. I know that Sage did his best in being supportive. I know that my hormones were crazy out of control. Sometimes Sage just needed to walk away and let me be.
Also- I never though of this while pregnant with Jack. But up until the little one is born- if you see diapers on sale size 1, 2, 3 BUY THEM- You will never have enough- trust me- I pack of size 1 may last you 3 days.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Is Crazy!

This morning Jack woke at about 6:50 am. This is pretty normal. But, today he woke up and was saying "Grandmom, Grandmom, where's Grandmom?" I went in his room and he repeated "Where's Grandmom, gotta call Grandmom, lets go find her."
This threw me off a bit. When we went downstairs he continued. When Sage woke up I said we should call his mom because she hadn't been feeling well. She was fine and Jack spoke to her.
This afternoon I had to go to work and I was giving Jack an early bath so Sage wouldn't have to. My mom was going to watch Jack. She called me to make sure what time I was coming. She said..."OK, well I'm on my way home from the hospital" WHAT!?!?!
She proceeded to tell me that at around 7 am my grandmom had a heart attack.
My Grandmom is fine- She was speaking to my uncle when the pain started so she got to the hospital in time and is coming home on Friday.
I don't know what to say about all this...but I have to wonder. In a way its really beautiful to think that family can be so connected that they know. Whether it was my dad or Boo-Boo giving Jack a message I don't know. But I just found the whole thing a bit overwhelming.
I'm just glad she's OK. I love you mom-mom!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Shots From The Past Few Days

Beautiful girl...finally home!
Evelyn gets reved up to go to the fun fair!

Brian had to hold her hand because she almost flew off this slide!

Jack hated this ride...can you tell?

Hanging with Uncle Bri
Oh- i'm pregnant pics though

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary

We grew up and went to school less than 5 miles away from each other even though his outfit makes him look thousands of miles away.

We met in college. I think he was in a gang or something (j/k). We became fast friends and saw each other go through so many different relationships. Years on we became best friends. He was there for every major time in my life. When my dad died he was the only one who could hug or touch me without me cringing. I remember the night of my dad's funeral he drove me out to watch the airplanes take off. We sat on the hood of his car and I just cried in his arms. He taught me how to live again. He was there for my little brother to lean on too.
Many of the people we dated always questioned our friendship- if they got out of line- they were gone. We were too important to each other.

We finally decided that we should be together. It was a whirlwind romance. We just wanted to be together. Everyone knew that this was just the way it was supposed to be.

Sage proposed in the Hawk Rock during a coffee house. All of our loved ones were there to share our moment.

We were married May 10, 2003. Since then we have had some amazing moments. We've had our ups and downs. But like Sage always says- "We laugh way more than we cry".
Sage, I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I never thought that I'd be lucky enough to marry my very best friend. We've already had so many adventures together- the first to marry, have a kid- and I know we've got so many more roads to cross. I know I drive you nuts, and you me, but there is no place I would rather be, no place that I feel safer, no better father, no better husband, no better best friend. I love you. Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welcome Corrin!

Corrin Elizabeth Doyle
May 7, 2007
6lbs 12 oz
Sassy and Corrin

Big Sis Evy

My big bro, Corrin, and Jenn

Welcome to our crazy world!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

7 Years Gone by

"...but music was his life,
it was not his lively hood.
and it made him feel so happy,
it made him feel so good.
and he sang from his heart
he sang from his soul.
he did not know how well he sang,
it just made him whole..."
-harry chapin
i love you dad

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome To The Jack & Evy Show!

So yesterday I babysat my niece Evelyn. Jack and Evy are an unmatched comedy duo. Of course Evelyn handles the toilet humor and Jack is the sarcastic serious one.
To start, my brother put Evy's car seat in my vehicle. I suppose I'm only used to riding with one kid so I don't need to worry about much. I'm driving down Lansdowne Ave. when a red light flashes on my dash..."Door ajar?!! What The !!!?!?!?!"
I glance over my shoulder to see a crack of the road. I ram my arm behind the seat and grab the handle. "Evy, did you open the door?!?" ---"ummm...aunt Janet?". I pull into the CVS lot where I proceed to close and lock the doors. Once we're back inside I turn to Evy and ask her why she opened the door. Her reply- "Well, Aunt Janet, that's why my mommy doesn't have these kind of doors."
We reached the house unscathed. Jack followed Evy around trying to do everything she did and showing off to boot.
I gave Evy her first taste of seaweed. She spit it out. I can understand that she's 4. Jack was pissed though. Seaweed is one of his favorite things. He looked at her so serious and said "Don't spit it out Eby- that's not very nice!" He then ate her left over damp seaweed. That was a wee bit gross. But I just wasn't quick enough to stop him.
It was a fun day. We danced sang and played with every toy we own.
Watching these two play together was a real treat for me.
I'm just glad my mother came to get Evy just as she found a "green bean" (aka- huge booger) in her nose. She didn't want a tissue- she wanted to save it to show her daddy.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey Boo Boo!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my grandfather's death. We gathered this morning at Mom-Mom's house to have mass in honor of his name. Since this morning I have been thinking about all of the wonderful ways he has touched the life of our family.

To start with the name. He has always been Boo-Boo. It was his signature way to greet any infant that would come through the door. He would tickle their chin and say "Ah boo boo boo!". It stuck.

After the death of my great-grandfather, Boo-Boo took hold of the family restaurant. He was a hard boss with a quick wit. There are so many hard ass bosses out there and he was one of them. I can remember some of the cooks trash talking him, but they always ended with the fact that he was a good man. He wasn't a side line boss. There were many a night (almost every) that his sleeves would be rolled up as he joined in with the dishwashers. He could be seen behind the line cooking...and of course tasting! I've only been to the restaurant once since he died. I don't know if I really have any desire to.

When he wasn't at work he could be seen dressed like Elmur Fud at any local thrift shop. I've been to a few with him. It was always exciting- as a kid you always felt like you were on a treasure hunt. My Mom-mom couldn't stand all of the "junk" he brought home. Boo-Boo would hide it from her. At one point he would buy furniture and dressers just to store his loot.

He was an amazing cook. As a child we would stay overnight many times. I would often awake in the middle of the night to the sizzle and smell of a fillet Mignon cooking. The man knew how to have a midnight snack!

He loved to tease Mom-mom. She would get so easily frustrated with his antics, and he would just taunt her. Then he would look at us and laugh. He had such a great laugh- he would squint his whole face and hiss.

One of his most favorite traditions was taking the family picture (pronounced pik-ture). When my great-grandmother was still with us, Boo-Boo would manage to wrangle 187 people into one shot. He would have babies singing and everyone else laughing. Then he would run as the timer went off to get his seat in the front. Most times surrounded by us kids.

We are getting another portrait taken...just our immediate family- so only about 50 people or so- I feel for the photographer- for Boo-boo- it would have been a snap!

So many stories...I'll share more a s time goes on. I just wanted to give a quick "shout out" to him.

Even though he's gone, I can see bits of him in all of my aunts and uncles. Each one of them has a trait. Looks, laugh, humor, work ethic. Its amazing to know that in so many ways he is still here.

I love you Boo-Boo

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pork Roll Sandwich

In our house dinner was a time that we would always sit together at the table and talk about our day. There was no TV, just family. As I've said before, my mom is an amazing cook and we always had hot meals on the table. I always had to drink at least one glass of milk (yuk!) before I could get a coveted glass of my dad's ice tea. I'm happy to say that this tradition continues in our house. In this day and age it's so easy to just grab something and go- but we will always sit together for dinner.
I could probably count on one hand how many times my mom wasn't home to cook for dinner. My father would be left to cook for us, and by cook I mean fried sandwiches.
He made the most amazing grilled ham and cheese. It would be soaked in butter and dripping with cheese. What I loved even more was having a pork roll sandwich. There is nothing more comforting than a piece of Taylor pork roll stuffed between a toasted english muffin.
On these nights we didn't have to sit at the table- much to my mom's chagrin I'm sure. We would curl up on the couch together and pick something we all wanted to watch.
I know that this goes against the first paragraph of this entry, but you have to think of being a kid. It takes years to realize the importance of a dinner surrounded only by family conversation. Half the time I was fending off my brother's evil remarks.
My dad, I don't think he ever truly grew up. So I assume that he was in the 'while the cat's away' frame of mind. We always cleaned up as best we could and put the dishes away.
I'm sure my mom knew about these dinners- but she never let on. We felt like we were getting away with something.
This morning for breakfast, I made Jack a pork roll sandwich- loaded with cheese and on a perfectly toasted english muffin. Instead of sitting at the table, we snuggled in our jammies on the couch and watched cartoons. His chubby little hands gripped the warm bread. He took mini bites and smiled while his jammie covered feet did a little dance. I know there are crumbs on the couch.
I'll vacum later.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Conversation

JHT: Oh No Mommy, what happened?

ME: A birdy pooped on the window.

JHT: Change birdy's diaper Mommy.

ME: Ok honey.

JHT: That's yucky Mommy, don't touch it!

Me: I won't

JHT: An' don't eat it!

ME: I'll try not to.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Early Bird my Ass

I just looked outside and saw a big ol' bird pull 3 fat worms out of my lawn. It was around 8 am.
This bird is more than welcome to dine on my lawn for a late start any day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Don't Believe in Epidurals...

Got your attention didn't I...
Let me explain...
I believe, oh yes I believe. Now for those women who managed to go through labor without- I salute you. I on the other hand, lasted a mere 7 hours before I called in Dr. Feelgood to make it all haze away. Good thing too, since it all ended in an emergency C-section anyway.
Back to the title of this entry: I watch TLC's A Baby Story every now and then. I saw this episode a few days ago and was meaning to write about it- but I forgot until today when I stubbed my toe on the piano (who put that there!?!?). The couple began as normal talking about the pregnancy. The wife said that she wanted to do a natural labor. Again, good for her. Then they cut to the husband who said: "I don't believe in Epidurals my wife won't be having one". I silently began to weave a 'tapestry of obscenity' towards this man. Who does he think he is?...but oh, it gets worse...
This poor woman has been in hard labor for 24 hours and she's only at like 6 or 7 centimeters. She begins to take back the whole natural labor idea and at this request her husband says: "Don't quit on me now, don't give up" Mind you he didn't say this is a reassuring manner- Even the damned mid wife thought that this was a really hard labor to do un medicated.
He just kept telling her no. What I wanted to do was staple his penis to his forehead and tell he not to give up when the pain hit. Just keep going champ.
Finally this poor woman got her sweet drugs, and I think actually had to get a c-section too. I wonder if this ass wipe was against that too. Dill weed.
During the re-cap at the end, the woman said that her husband later apologized for being so hard on her. That didn't really make me feel better.
Thank God I have a hubby who is pro keeping the pain to a minimum. This other guy had better not come to my neighborhood, because I will be waiting- with a stapler.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So Sage has commented on more than one occasion that he believes our son to resemble the famous Curious George. Maybe I couldn't find the right picture to show the likeness, but I too have begun to see their similarity. I'm not sure though. Maybe the likeness is in the fact that Jack will scale the couch and stand in the window sill. Every time I go to pee I am sure that this is what he is doing. I can pee so fast nowadays. Maybe its the fact that Jack will get himself into trouble and tilt his head to the side, smile and say "oh mommy?" much like George will do to the man with the yellow hat. I dunno- you can be the judge. No matter what- Jack is a little monkey.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Welcome to Deleware County in April.
This is what I woke up to, and my heart sunk a bit as I looked out the window.
I had to go to a meeting this morning and was met with about 3-4" of slush as I walked through the parking lot towards the office. To quote my mother "It sucks".
She is a Confucious of sorts.
Happy Monday and go on over to Picture This to see what everyone else put up.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top That

This was on ABC Family today during Jack's nap. I so watched it. I love this movie. This is a pre-Potter cult classic!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Acquired Elevated Mom Status

There are 2 reasons that I have elevated my mom status.

1) I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce. I repeat- from scratch. Know that I am not Italian, it is not in my blood to create this. We come from the land of meat and potatoes.
Some of you may scoff, because to you it may seem as easy as breathing. I have wanted to make it since I became a wife but have been too scared to do so. Today I dove in. Sage's only request in making sauce was that it be thick. Mission completion. I surprised myself. It was really good. While I was eating I imagined myself making dozens of batches and freezing them all for a rainy day. Sad, I know. But for me this was a fear that I conquered. I have made sauce. Oh, and I call it sauce not gravy- this is due to my maiden name being DOYLE.

2) Jack had his first real time out today. I used to laugh at this, especially when it came to a 2 year old. But tonight I reacted just like Jo Frost. Sage was doing the dishes and Jack walked up behind him and bit the thin skin area right below his butt. I have seen kids thrown out of pre schools for biting- I have no tolerance for it. I put Jack in the corner and told him why. He tried to get up twice, but I just brought him back to the spot. He eventually sat there for 2 minutes and sulked. When he was done I made him apologize to Sage. I was amazed that he actually sat there.
On a side note I call it time out. Jo calls it the Naughty Spot. I refuse to call it this. Naughty Spot sounds like a fun place for sex. The word naughty in general denotes sex for me. Just thought you should know.

These may seem like small mom things to the experienced- but for me its a pat on the back and some cookies 'n' cream on a cone. Which will be delish while watching tonight's all new Office!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5 Questions From Partie de Fromage

So Amy over at Cheese Party was playing a fun bog game in which her friend made up five questions for her to answer. Amy wanted to extend the fun. So I asked her to make up 5 for me...So here are her questions:

1. Is Willy Wonka creepy or cool? Part B: Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp?

I'm a big fan of Willy Wonka. Looking back, I think that he should have creeped me out, especially during the boat scene. I was a chunky child, so the thought of an entire room full of edibles was quite enticing.
Part B: O.K. I love Johnny Depp. He's in my top 3 of famous men. can not top Gene Wilder playing Willy Wonka. Many people were disappointed when they saw the remake. I was not. I made sure to erase the original from my mind and take the remake as its own entity. I think that Johnny Depp was the best choice for the part. I knew he would not try to emulate Wilder which was smart. So in conclusion Wilder for Wonka and Depp for making out purposes!

2. Would you be willing to share with us where Jack Henry was conceived? If not, share your favorite moment from his birth day.

I wish that I could say that Jack was conceived in some exotic locale with mixed drinks involved. But alas he was conceived in our own bed back in our old apartment in Lansdowne.
I have 2 Favorite moments from the day of his birth:
1) An hour or 3 after my water broke we decided to go to the hospital. But not before making a pit stop. In the Wawa, the woman behind the counter asked when I was due. I replied "Four days ago and my water just broke". They must have thought it happened in the store because I saw an employee walk out from the back with a mop.
2) When I heard "It's a boy". I fished my wish.
Everything in between those times kinda sucked.

3. I know you as an actress, photographer, painter. I'm sure there's more. So what is your favorite form of artistic expression?

My favorite has to be music. There were a few rough years in my life and I don't think I would have made it without writing and performing my music. These days I don't get to play the guitar much, but if you are within a few feet of my house you will surely hear show tunes and other songs loud and clear...and then you'll hear a 2 year old voice say "stop mommy!". What a love -huh?!?

4. What was your favorite food growing up that your mother would make for you? Is it still as good today as it was then?

My mom is the best cook EVER! I actually got to eat my favorite meal just last week. She makes the best roast beef, homemade gravy, and hand smashed red skin potatoes in the world. Great, now I'm hungry, again. The best part about my mom's food is that walking up the steps to her house you can smell it. You walk in the front door and the aroma wraps itself around you and you feel like you never left home. The BEST!

5. If you could have any other name in the world, what would you pick?

There are 2 names that I always wanted to have as a kid:

Jem: If you don't know why I wanted this name then you obviously missed one of the best cartoons in the 80's

Kyra: My all time favorite movie as a child was The Dark Crystal. The main girl characters name was Kyra. I love this name. I always wanted to LIVE in the movie. My mom will attest to this as I watched the film everyday. I am also so stoked that the sequel is coming out...I really can't wait...really!

Thanks again to Amy for the creative questions...If anyone reading this wants to have the same fun. Leave a comment and I will make up some for you. I just hope they are as good as Amy's!

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

This is my niece Evelyn.
Static makes me angry too.
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Many Thanks to Aunt Liz and Uncle Bob for hosting Easter breakfast like they do every year. As usual it was full of family, food, and good laughs. Every year Liz says she doesn't want to do it. But we have always gone to their house; ever since I was a little girl. I couldn't imagine Easter anywhere else! And mom, that shirt is HOT!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Conversations With Jack

Scene: Walking up the steps behind Jack I get a really ripe whiff. At the top of the stairs I check his diaper to confirm my diagnosis...

Me: Hey buddy, did you make some poop?

J.H.: No Mommy, just toots.

Me: I don't think so...

J.H.: Just Toots Mommy!!

Me: Lets go change that diaper.

J.H.: Yeab it in dere Mommy!

Me: I will not just leave it.

J.H.: Hi mommy, my name's Jack Henry.

Me: Don't change the subject, lets go.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gym Etiquette

There are many articles on gym etiquette. so far I've only found one that talks about the rules of the game in an aerobic class. I know all about sweat, smells, and sounds but what about personal space.
In the classes I take I generally stay in the mid to back region of the room. I think the farther away from the jiggle in the mirrors- the better! I also think that it is an appropriate placement for my experience. I'm not the most in shape, but not the worst either.
So today, in the hardest class of the week for me, I am really trying to focus. Remember the reunion with the successful doctors is coming up.
About ten minutes into class a woman meanders in with a mug of coffee. She is donning her sweats and a couple other layers of clothes. I glance but only quickly because we are doing some crazy shit with weights and balance. She sips her coffee and slowly takes off layer after layer. She then places her mug about 12 inches behind me. Oh and just in case you weren't sure about the class, there is nothing stationary about it!
She has finally decided that she is ready to begin. The class was by no means packed today, but she really wanted to stand right next to me. Like really close. Again, not a stationary class!
We are doing kicks with grapevines and all sorts of using the large space allotted to use. But this woman stays right up on my grill. Does she not realize that I smell like a 325 lb. fat man when I work out.
The real kicker is that I try to move to different spots during the water breaks. Freedom. No, no really, in about 3 moves she is right there again.
I swear I almost abduct squated her right in the kidney- on purpose!
So for anyone who reads up on gym etiquette...Rule # 10- Back it up!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where The Boys Are

Whats with men and their need to hover around other working men. I'll explain. My neighbor across the street is a nice older Greek man. He was telling me that he was having the "dish" installed so he could get some Greek channels. A day or so later I look outside to see that the "dish" guy was installing this enormous dish on the side of the house. Yes, their house now has a huge ear. The poor dish guy. He was up on the ladder answering calls from his boss on speaker phone and had my neighbor standing at the bottom with his hands on his hips. When ever there was a break in the nextel I could see my neighbor waving his hands and pointing. For over an hour the 2 two were out there.
This same thing happened years ago when my parents had to get the dishwasher fixed. My dad was next to the guy the whole time holding a flashlight and asking questions.
I don't get it...if anyone has an idea please fill me in on this secret of manliness.

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Sick From Head to Toes
My poor little guy has a wicked cold. Its getting better, but this weekend he was aregular boogie factory. He was such a trooper. I don't know if you can tell but there is a line on his little cheek. Thats a lone tear that fell after I wiped his little nose. Sheesh
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Have a great Day!

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Decade Ago

So I received my official 10 year reunion invite yesterday. I knew it was coming, but it threw me when I actually held it in my hand. I know some that have laughed and said "Ha, it's only your 10 year?!?". I know that by all standards I am not OLD, but the invite did get me thinking about where my life was this time 10 years ago.

This lovely image is my senior portrait. I must not have know the use for tweezers back then- sheesh. I do remember though that I had to be late for hockey practice to get this shot taken. I hated, and still do, being in front of the lens. I am much more comfortable behind it snapping away. I was then equally pissed that I had makeup on. I remembered thinking that the only decent use for makeup was for the shows I was in. So that's the pic...I guess I really liked red. huh.
Ten years ago, NO ONE had a cell phone. Everyone had pagers. Not me though. I think my parents associated them with drug dealers. My boyfriend at the time had one. Wow, he was a douche bag. My father couldn't stand him either. He would prank his pager and put in numbers to different homosexual hot lines. That was his idea of fun. I was so certain that this guy was "the one". Then again who doesn't at 17. Yeah, I should have listened to my parents, but then what would I have had to brood over?!?
At this point in my life I already had an athletic scholarship to SJU for field hockey. Needless to say, I could have cared less about SATs. I didn't even bring a calculator. Classes that year were merely a social event.
The world wide web was still somewhat foreign. It had come around about 2 years before. I don't even know if I had a proper e-mail address at this time. The only world wide thing I was concerned with were the World Wide Wicket Sales. This is from the last musical I was in. My senior year we did How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at St. Joe's Prep. I lived for rehearsals. Being in these shows were the highlight of the year. The musical theater program at SJU was crap. Sadly I have not done a musical since. I remembered thinking that one day I would haul off for Broadway.
I was on top of the world my senior year. It was an amazing time.
I don't know how I'll feel reuniting with my classmates. Sure it'll be fun. Yada, yada,yada. I have found out that many of the people I graduated with are now very accomplished doctors and scientists. Before anything is said, I KNOW that being a mom is just as important. It can just be intimidating to see such successful women around you. We'll see. Hopefully I can coerce my friend who I have not seen since graduation to go. We could at least trump up some old banter...
I don't know how to end this. I guess I'll write more after the actual event. Look for part 2 in early May!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Delicious Day

There is something to be said about walking outside and realizing that you don't need a coat. The world in general feels lighter...and car seats buckle without much struggle.

I think that the temp was at about 77 degrees today, maybe warmer. Although I know it is not going to last, today was perfect.

When we got home from the gym, I transferred Jack from his car seat to the lawn in one large swoop. He ran around with his arms outwards yelling "Its nice and warm mommy, I yub it! I yub outside! Yets play!" An hour later there were chalk murals on the bricks of our home, soccer balls crushing unfinished tulips and sweat on my baby's head.

He slept like a rock in his cool room under the warmth of his "choopy" (aka Sage's childhood blankie).

When he woke from his nap we were at it again. We jumped in the stroller to meet our friends Lauren and Jackson. We hit up 2 parks. Between park rotation we stopped to get some cool treats. Jack sat so still on this bench dripping with icy sugary goodness. " How does it taste Jack?" ..."Dayicious mommy"

As Sage was putting Jack to bed I sat out on the steps to think about the day. It doesn't get much better than this. Well, it would have been better if my legs didn't look like milk-toast in shorts, but more sun to come. Hopefully sooner than later. Much love to our park buddies!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Sometimes I wish I could be inside his brain. I wonder- is he pondering the world, or maybe just workin' on a good one!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm That Mom

Revenge. Sweet revenge. Except that it was revenge on my 2 year old. Let me explain...
I remember when I was prego and Jack would wake me up in the middle of the night- he would press so sweetly on my bladder or ever so not gently place his fetal heel in my ribs. Months later, he would keep me up all night- no matter how tired I was. I know that EVERY mom has experienced these things. I know many moms who have dealt with so much more. I am NOT complaining. But...
On those nights, just as I would go cross eyed from exhaustion, I would smile- One day I will have my revenge. I couldn't wait until he was 13. I would wake him up a the crack of dawn singing "rise and shine and give God your glory" just like my mom would on Sundays.
I will still have that moment, but today I was just testing the waters.
Jack took a long nap. I don't like when he sleeps past 3pm because it screws up his nite-nite routine. God forbid I miss a second of Idol.* Anyway, I went in to wake him up with my normal back rubs and soft voice when " STOP MOMMY"
What?!?- Oh no you didn't!
I started to laugh, which really pissed him off...
" Do you want to just stay in your bed all day?"
(thumb in mouth) "es ommy"
I proceeded to lay on the floor and stick one finger at a time through the rungs of his crib and touch his nose.
I know I sound horrible. If you are reading this and are not a mom, just get over my twisted humor.
This all went on for about 5 minutes.
He finally got up and cuddled with me as he woke up. My baby, I adore him...but I almost wet myself- the look on his face...yeah I'm that mom- I still can't wait till he's 13

*What is up with idol?!? san-what-ever really just bugs me out! ugh!

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

I've been following this whole "best shot monday" game via Amy's blog for some time and I decidied that I want to play too. So here is my best shot from the weekend. Jump on over to Picture This to see everyone elses shots!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Promised Land, Pa- Circa '99

Drexel Hill ,Pa- Circa 2 days ago when it wasn't a frigid hail storm!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

50+ Club

We hit quite a bit of traffic on our way to the gym today.
'Nuff said.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday at the Gym

So there was this woman at the gym in my cardio kick and sculpt class. Seemed nice- looked normal; a bigger woman in her 40's (I assume) nothing unusual here- or so I thought. Hence conversation:

Woman at Gym: How many weeks do these classes go for?

Me: They are 7 week sessions.

W.A.G.-Well I've got 2 weeks.

Me: Its a tough class, but its good.

W.A.G.- Where do you see the difference?

Me: I've noticed a change in my arms and alot in my butt.

(side note- class is going on at this time- I'm missing steps because she won't stop talking)

W.A.G.- Well, I've got 2 weeks. How long have you been doing this- how big were you before?

Me: (mentally: WHAT?!?) out loud: months- slowly but surely.

I then move away- FAR away.
I don't really know what to say about this woman- I just thought I would share our conversation.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Forever Ago

This photo dates back to '98 or '99. I don't quite remember. I know that Sage was dating my cousin and I as well was seeing someone else. But this is when we started to get close. This was a time when those small issues in life seemed so huge and demanding. Everything was fueled by the thrill of the chase. A year or so later we started dating- so much trivial drama was abound with our group of friends- but in a way it made every moment that much sweeter with stolen glances and secret kisses. It was a charging time. I love this photo- its old and has water stains...but it is a moment of time captured in 4 frames that still gives me butterflies.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lost in Translation

There are so many skills that I have acquired since becoming a mom.

Some skills gross; like the ability to catch puke before it falls on the rug. This is so disgusting, I know. I was the kid who ralphed when someone else did. But there is accomplishment in knowing that a rug need not be scrubbed.

Some skills sweet; like knowing that your kiss really did make the boo-boo all better.

But the one skill I take most pride in...understanding what my boy says.

Jack speaks really well for a 2 year old. But lets face it- he's 2... diction and clarity are something that comes with time. But I most always know what he's saying.

Sometimes I feel like his translator- letting people know what he really wants, when they think they already have it all put together. Maybe its a moms pride- the one thing that I understand better than any other person- no matter how many kids that other person has had- I know what he's really saying.

I know that people in the acme look at me like i'm crazy. We ride up and down the aisles talking about what we see and i ask him questions about the list I should be carrying. Going shopping can really suck, but I really enjoy talking to Jack. The way he puts his thoughts together and expresses them astounds me.

We all have to make it up and down the aisles- but sometimes it takes a 2 year old to point out the smaller things we don't really get a chance to see.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jack Henry!

This day, 2 years ago...

Today at the Please Touch Museum in Philly...(um, funnest place EVER!):

Happy Birthday my little man...i love you!