Thursday, April 12, 2007

Acquired Elevated Mom Status

There are 2 reasons that I have elevated my mom status.

1) I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce. I repeat- from scratch. Know that I am not Italian, it is not in my blood to create this. We come from the land of meat and potatoes.
Some of you may scoff, because to you it may seem as easy as breathing. I have wanted to make it since I became a wife but have been too scared to do so. Today I dove in. Sage's only request in making sauce was that it be thick. Mission completion. I surprised myself. It was really good. While I was eating I imagined myself making dozens of batches and freezing them all for a rainy day. Sad, I know. But for me this was a fear that I conquered. I have made sauce. Oh, and I call it sauce not gravy- this is due to my maiden name being DOYLE.

2) Jack had his first real time out today. I used to laugh at this, especially when it came to a 2 year old. But tonight I reacted just like Jo Frost. Sage was doing the dishes and Jack walked up behind him and bit the thin skin area right below his butt. I have seen kids thrown out of pre schools for biting- I have no tolerance for it. I put Jack in the corner and told him why. He tried to get up twice, but I just brought him back to the spot. He eventually sat there for 2 minutes and sulked. When he was done I made him apologize to Sage. I was amazed that he actually sat there.
On a side note I call it time out. Jo calls it the Naughty Spot. I refuse to call it this. Naughty Spot sounds like a fun place for sex. The word naughty in general denotes sex for me. Just thought you should know.

These may seem like small mom things to the experienced- but for me its a pat on the back and some cookies 'n' cream on a cone. Which will be delish while watching tonight's all new Office!


Amy Jo said...

Don't you just love the office?

janet said...

the office makes my life a better place. sad but true!

Anonymous said...

Leo Said...Still too lazy to get an

actually southern Italians who have been living here for at least the last 2-3 generations; "American Italians" call it "gravy". The refined nothern Italian cuisine calls it Sauce. So, you are right! My family always says sause and all throughout Italy they call it Sause. I know it will be hard for some American Italians to believe this. But the same goes for the is NOT "Rigot" It is only Ricotta cheese and the word "Rigot" does not exist anywhere in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...Sause = Sauce...duh..

BTW..Nice job on the dinner, save some for Linda and I.


Anonymous said...

Jo Frost is hot

Anonymous said...

My grandparents came over on the boat to NY...and called it gravy! Sunday is never a Sunday unless there is a pot of gravy cooking with homemade meatballs...none of this store bought s--t! Congrats on the dinner and would love to have macaroni and meatballs @ your home some day!! Love...a true I-talian

Morning Glory said...

This is freakin hilarious! I did the whole meatball thing years ago right after I graduated and had my own place in the city. Despite being half Italian (and marrying a guy who is 100%), the desire wore of quickly. I commend you for doing this - it takes all damn day. But it's fun and worth it.

And yes, naughty is an adjective to describe sex. I don't even use that word to describe my doggie's bad doings. Time out is what it is.