Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5 Questions From Partie de Fromage

So Amy over at Cheese Party was playing a fun bog game in which her friend made up five questions for her to answer. Amy wanted to extend the fun. So I asked her to make up 5 for me...So here are her questions:

1. Is Willy Wonka creepy or cool? Part B: Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp?

I'm a big fan of Willy Wonka. Looking back, I think that he should have creeped me out, especially during the boat scene. I was a chunky child, so the thought of an entire room full of edibles was quite enticing.
Part B: O.K. I love Johnny Depp. He's in my top 3 of famous men. But....you can not top Gene Wilder playing Willy Wonka. Many people were disappointed when they saw the remake. I was not. I made sure to erase the original from my mind and take the remake as its own entity. I think that Johnny Depp was the best choice for the part. I knew he would not try to emulate Wilder which was smart. So in conclusion Wilder for Wonka and Depp for making out purposes!

2. Would you be willing to share with us where Jack Henry was conceived? If not, share your favorite moment from his birth day.

I wish that I could say that Jack was conceived in some exotic locale with mixed drinks involved. But alas he was conceived in our own bed back in our old apartment in Lansdowne.
I have 2 Favorite moments from the day of his birth:
1) An hour or 3 after my water broke we decided to go to the hospital. But not before making a pit stop. In the Wawa, the woman behind the counter asked when I was due. I replied "Four days ago and my water just broke". They must have thought it happened in the store because I saw an employee walk out from the back with a mop.
2) When I heard "It's a boy". I fished my wish.
Everything in between those times kinda sucked.

3. I know you as an actress, photographer, painter. I'm sure there's more. So what is your favorite form of artistic expression?

My favorite has to be music. There were a few rough years in my life and I don't think I would have made it without writing and performing my music. These days I don't get to play the guitar much, but if you are within a few feet of my house you will surely hear show tunes and other songs loud and clear...and then you'll hear a 2 year old voice say "stop mommy!". What a love -huh?!?

4. What was your favorite food growing up that your mother would make for you? Is it still as good today as it was then?

My mom is the best cook EVER! I actually got to eat my favorite meal just last week. She makes the best roast beef, homemade gravy, and hand smashed red skin potatoes in the world. Great, now I'm hungry, again. The best part about my mom's food is that walking up the steps to her house you can smell it. You walk in the front door and the aroma wraps itself around you and you feel like you never left home. The BEST!

5. If you could have any other name in the world, what would you pick?

There are 2 names that I always wanted to have as a kid:

Jem: If you don't know why I wanted this name then you obviously missed one of the best cartoons in the 80's

Kyra: My all time favorite movie as a child was The Dark Crystal. The main girl characters name was Kyra. I love this name. I always wanted to LIVE in the movie. My mom will attest to this as I watched the film everyday. I am also so stoked that the sequel is coming out...I really can't wait...really!

Thanks again to Amy for the creative questions...If anyone reading this wants to have the same fun. Leave a comment and I will make up some for you. I just hope they are as good as Amy's!

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