Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome To The Jack & Evy Show!

So yesterday I babysat my niece Evelyn. Jack and Evy are an unmatched comedy duo. Of course Evelyn handles the toilet humor and Jack is the sarcastic serious one.
To start, my brother put Evy's car seat in my vehicle. I suppose I'm only used to riding with one kid so I don't need to worry about much. I'm driving down Lansdowne Ave. when a red light flashes on my dash..."Door ajar?!! What The !!!?!?!?!"
I glance over my shoulder to see a crack of the road. I ram my arm behind the seat and grab the handle. "Evy, did you open the door?!?" ---"ummm...aunt Janet?". I pull into the CVS lot where I proceed to close and lock the doors. Once we're back inside I turn to Evy and ask her why she opened the door. Her reply- "Well, Aunt Janet, that's why my mommy doesn't have these kind of doors."
We reached the house unscathed. Jack followed Evy around trying to do everything she did and showing off to boot.
I gave Evy her first taste of seaweed. She spit it out. I can understand that she's 4. Jack was pissed though. Seaweed is one of his favorite things. He looked at her so serious and said "Don't spit it out Eby- that's not very nice!" He then ate her left over damp seaweed. That was a wee bit gross. But I just wasn't quick enough to stop him.
It was a fun day. We danced sang and played with every toy we own.
Watching these two play together was a real treat for me.
I'm just glad my mother came to get Evy just as she found a "green bean" (aka- huge booger) in her nose. She didn't want a tissue- she wanted to save it to show her daddy.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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