Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!

So these are my boy's birthday pancakes. Don't laugh- weilding pancake batter at 6:45 am is no easy task!

So Jack is 3....3! I can't believe that I've been a parent that long! He has grown so much in the past year, he's becoming a little man. I remember being pregnant with him and wishing for a little boy, wishing for Jack. When the doctor said the words: "It's a boy!" I felt as if my heart exploded into a thousand bits. I could go on forever about how he makes my heart smile, but I'll just tell you a little story from last night...

The end of the day was here and poor Oliver was not tolerating his shot very well. Despite the dose of Tylenol, Ollie was a wreck. I went to turn on the TV and the damn thing was broke. No Fox Philly at 5, sad baby, and it just got worse from there.
I started to make dinner and Ollie was crying, I looked around the house thinking about no matter how much I straighten, it just looks like a pit by 8 pm...I just started to pile it on in my head. Then I heard a voice-" make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you..." I look up to see Jack looking at me singing and smiling. He just knew what I needed. I love my little boy!
Happy Birthday Jack Henry!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Months Strong!

Not the most artistic image...but I've been going crazy this week; Jack turns the big 0-3 tommorow and I'm baking up a cupcake storm for his pizza party at school.

Ollie had his 2 month check up today. He's grown to 23" and weighs in at a 14 pounds. Yes, he gained another 3 pounds in the past month. He is right below average for height and right above for weight. When the doctor said this I replied: "Well, as you know I make them short and stout". The kind doctor's reply: "Well, lets put it this way, if there is a strong wind, Olivers not going down!" I love it!

Two months into being the mom of 3, I mean 2 boys and I'm feelin' good. Oliver sleeps well, he only gets up once a night (knock on wood).
He started to smile recently. There is no joy like saying hey to your waking baby and being greeted with a smile. It makes everything worth it. He coos and I swear I heard the inkling of a giggle the other day.
He loves to look at the spinning bears over his pack and play, he also enjoys the fan spinning. Like his mother, he is easily amused.
What I think I like most is that he knows when Jack is around. He hears his voice and starts moving around to get Jack into his eyeline. Luckily this process doesn't take long since Jack likes to be about 1/2" from Ollie's face at all times! He will just sit and stare at Jack with a smile on his face...brotherhood!I think soon we are going to put Ollie in his know, the one in the room that Jack currently resides-this should make for some fun stories!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes It Happens

The Force Is Strong with this one...

So with potty training comes a new awareness of the private areas as demonstrated by Jack in theses 3 conversations...

JHT: "MOMMY!Somethings wrong with my pee-pee!"
(Jack runs to me)
ME: "What is it?"
(Jack pulls down his pants and has know.)
ME: "Its okay honey, it happens sometimes."
JHT: "Oh.....Is it very big mommy?"
ME: "Yes Jack." (I guess thats how you answer that!?)
...minutes pass...
JHT: "Mommy look, its all better. But its okay because sometimes it happens."

In the shower
JHT: "Mommy, where is your pee-pee?"
ME: "Boys and girls have different pee-pees." (I try to get off topic)
JHT: "Is yours just very little?"
JHT: "I want you to get a pee-pee like me and daddy have."
ME: "I don't think daddy would like that."

Walking in on Sage in the shower...
JHT: "Wow daddy, yours is really big."
(Sage feels proud for the rest of the day)

Whats up with the whole size thing? Does penis envy start this young? Oy!

Friday, February 22, 2008


So Olllie had his first ever playdate yesterday with his friend Sebastian who was born one day before him. Ollie was up and ready when Sebastian arrived, but his new friend was still coming off of a car ride high.
The momsof the two little men ate and chatted...the only reason they were present is because of the whole "no motor skill" issue that the boys both have.
Finally Sebastian woke up to find that Ollie had fallen asleep waiting. He decided to man up to the mommy bar and have a drink before Ollie returned to a waking state...Those two "moms" were still just talking...they were also a bit loud!
After what seemed like minutes both boys were fast asleep, only to be woken up by those moms again.
The mom-a-razzi had arrived and flashes flew everywhere. At long last both boys were awake and opted to pose for a photo or two.
Here is one of their favorites:

Finally, after many beverages, some bowel movements, and lots of good times, Sebastian decided that it was time to go home.

PS- thanks to Linda for coming over to break up the "mom-notany"...I had an awesome time!

Monday, February 18, 2008

2 Stories About Butts

I am amazed at the stink that emits from my child. Oliver farts like a 70 year old man who just had his fill from the Sizzler. Its almost not human. So you can imagine how its been now that he has only been pooping every few days now. MY LORD! First off, when he farts each one last for what seems like minutes, and I must admit that I am impressed. So, every other day or so after many toot trains, it comes. He gives a low grunt and out comes his crowning achievement.
I swear that it looks as if you microwaved an entire jar of Jiff and dumped it into his diaper. It is truly amazing, I am in awe of his tush!
After, he seems almost high an will nap. I have given birth to a true man!!

So today was my first day back at the gym. I was bent when I realized that my Ipod was not charged. I would have to revert to my 2 other favorite gym activities to keep me occupied while working out: 1) imagining what I would do with powerball winnings, 2) checking out the other gym goers.
Today seemed pretty dull. As I was picturing my new shore house I saw her. It began as nothing too funny. She was on her treadmill; punching it out and raising the roof. Funny, but every gym has the enthuastic treadmiller.
After about 30 minutes on the eliptical I moved into the weight room to stretch and do some ab work. The same woman was on a mat and doing some ab stuff too. As I got into the plank position I heard someting..."SMACK!" what? I turn my head to the left and glance at the woman, she is doing leg lifts. I turn back to my plank and hear the noise again..."SMACK!" I decide that I am missing something big here and roll onto my back to do some regular crunches.
I then see the origin of the noise. This woman is smacking her own ass!
After a few leg lifts, she smacks her ass! I know that its good to feel the burn...but really?
I almost can't believe it. I have to leave...I cannot be serious with someone smacking their own ass. I love the YMCA!

I hope everyone has a smack ass kind of day!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Don't Wake The Baby!

Hello Mothers...Is your child finally asleep? Have you worked so hard rocking and feeding until little eyelids have fallen? Good job Mom! But be careful, that baby can wake up...oh yes, and spoil anything you might want to accomplish.
There are many things you CAN do and baby will not wake up...
Here are 5 proven activities you can do and maintain a sleeping baby:

5) Go ahead and rearrange the cabinet with all the pots and pans!
4) Let your 3 year old poke and prod at baby while in the swing!
3) Feel free to hammer into the walls and hang pictures
2) Don't worry if you drop bottles onto the ceramic kitchen floor!
1) Hell, Have Spinal Tap come and play in your living room!

I guarentee that baby will not wake up!

But be careful, be sure to stay away from these 5 things, unless you want a cranky baby!

5) DO NOT try and organize or scrapbook any pictures!
4) DO NOT try and keep up with email correspondance!
3) DO NOT make yourself some lunch and try to eat!
2) DO NOT try and spend time with your husband!
1) PLEASE, if you want your baby to sleep...DO NOT try and lay down to rest!

By following these simple steps you too can maintain a sleeping baby. Don't fret though, if baby wakes up, just give them a light snack and wait for the magic to happen!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep Your Pants On!

Everybody cross your fingers...Jack wore underpants to school today.
'Nuff said!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do You Remember 10 PM?

10 Pm. It used to be that I was dressed and ready go. At 9 you could hear me singing in the shower; most likely show tunes. I would get out and dry my hair, put on makeup and sport a much smaller size pair of jeans than I am today! As I put on a cute shirt, I know I didn't take enough appreciation to the fact that my boobs were much more bouyant. One last check in the mirror and I was ready to go. Many nights I would be waiting at the door for Sage to pick me up.
It's Monday?, oh then off to Marita's Cantina for karaoke. You can laugh, but karaoke was a fixture for years with our friends. We would always be 8 to 10 strong depending on the season.In the summers when we were working at camp,it wouldn't be unusual for there to be at least 20-30 of us crowding around the bar and hogging the mics.
We would arrive and push tables together and then get to the books. We were friends with the guy who ran it. He went by Psycho Sean and was absolutly inappropriate, but we loved him all the more for it.
Everyone flirted with everyone, people would be dancing everywhere; it was awesome. I could still tell you the staple songs my friends would sing. And if you were new to the night you always had to sing the iniation song...I Touch Myself.
On any other given night we could be found doing just about anything, but we almost always ended up at Dennny's dring coffee until the wee hours of morning talking, playing stupid games, and loving it.
10 PM was exciting. It was when we all came alive.
I know that many of my friends have kids now. How crazy is that!
The majority of my friends are "married with children". If you told me that 10 years ago, I would laugh, but thats how it is. Life is so different for many of us now.
Cut to 10 PM now...I've had my jammies on since 7 when I took a shower with Jack- its just more efficent. At 10 PM the TV is on. I'm usually getting ready to go to sleep, or at least lay down to watch something like Project Runway. I go upstairs and creep into Jack's room. I need to check on him at least once before I go to sleep. I touch his cheek and fuzzy hair, listen to him breathe, pull up the covers, kiss him and tell him to "dream about the angels". I go downstairs to pump milk and wash bottles. The lights are all off except for the small yellow one above the stove. I lay down and wait to hear Ollie's breathing- check. Kiss Sage who is probably watching sports center...time to sleep. Don't get me wrong...things still come alive in my house after 10 PM...every night these days, but you will find me with a fuzzed out ponytail that has probably migrated to the side of my head...and I sure as hell don't feel like singing. But I'm happy, and there is nowhere I'd rather be.

Anyway here is a random pic of my 6 week old!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Jack VS. Wild

Watch as Jack navigates some touchy terrain with a little encouragement from his daddy. While only momentarily distracted by bells, he conquers the rock. Watch out Bear Grills!