Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Months Strong!

Not the most artistic image...but I've been going crazy this week; Jack turns the big 0-3 tommorow and I'm baking up a cupcake storm for his pizza party at school.

Ollie had his 2 month check up today. He's grown to 23" and weighs in at a 14 pounds. Yes, he gained another 3 pounds in the past month. He is right below average for height and right above for weight. When the doctor said this I replied: "Well, as you know I make them short and stout". The kind doctor's reply: "Well, lets put it this way, if there is a strong wind, Olivers not going down!" I love it!

Two months into being the mom of 3, I mean 2 boys and I'm feelin' good. Oliver sleeps well, he only gets up once a night (knock on wood).
He started to smile recently. There is no joy like saying hey to your waking baby and being greeted with a smile. It makes everything worth it. He coos and I swear I heard the inkling of a giggle the other day.
He loves to look at the spinning bears over his pack and play, he also enjoys the fan spinning. Like his mother, he is easily amused.
What I think I like most is that he knows when Jack is around. He hears his voice and starts moving around to get Jack into his eyeline. Luckily this process doesn't take long since Jack likes to be about 1/2" from Ollie's face at all times! He will just sit and stare at Jack with a smile on his face...brotherhood!I think soon we are going to put Ollie in his know, the one in the room that Jack currently resides-this should make for some fun stories!

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Linda said...

I was just commenting to Leo how "good" Sebastian is. I think I am in for doosey with the next one. The kid slept 8 hours last night! I am so glad your little Ollie is getting big and strong, Jack is is GOOD!