Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do You Remember 10 PM?

10 Pm. It used to be that I was dressed and ready go. At 9 you could hear me singing in the shower; most likely show tunes. I would get out and dry my hair, put on makeup and sport a much smaller size pair of jeans than I am today! As I put on a cute shirt, I know I didn't take enough appreciation to the fact that my boobs were much more bouyant. One last check in the mirror and I was ready to go. Many nights I would be waiting at the door for Sage to pick me up.
It's Monday?, oh then off to Marita's Cantina for karaoke. You can laugh, but karaoke was a fixture for years with our friends. We would always be 8 to 10 strong depending on the season.In the summers when we were working at camp,it wouldn't be unusual for there to be at least 20-30 of us crowding around the bar and hogging the mics.
We would arrive and push tables together and then get to the books. We were friends with the guy who ran it. He went by Psycho Sean and was absolutly inappropriate, but we loved him all the more for it.
Everyone flirted with everyone, people would be dancing everywhere; it was awesome. I could still tell you the staple songs my friends would sing. And if you were new to the night you always had to sing the iniation song...I Touch Myself.
On any other given night we could be found doing just about anything, but we almost always ended up at Dennny's dring coffee until the wee hours of morning talking, playing stupid games, and loving it.
10 PM was exciting. It was when we all came alive.
I know that many of my friends have kids now. How crazy is that!
The majority of my friends are "married with children". If you told me that 10 years ago, I would laugh, but thats how it is. Life is so different for many of us now.
Cut to 10 PM now...I've had my jammies on since 7 when I took a shower with Jack- its just more efficent. At 10 PM the TV is on. I'm usually getting ready to go to sleep, or at least lay down to watch something like Project Runway. I go upstairs and creep into Jack's room. I need to check on him at least once before I go to sleep. I touch his cheek and fuzzy hair, listen to him breathe, pull up the covers, kiss him and tell him to "dream about the angels". I go downstairs to pump milk and wash bottles. The lights are all off except for the small yellow one above the stove. I lay down and wait to hear Ollie's breathing- check. Kiss Sage who is probably watching sports center...time to sleep. Don't get me wrong...things still come alive in my house after 10 PM...every night these days, but you will find me with a fuzzed out ponytail that has probably migrated to the side of my head...and I sure as hell don't feel like singing. But I'm happy, and there is nowhere I'd rather be.

Anyway here is a random pic of my 6 week old!

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Anonymous said...

HI JANNIEBEAN-YES I REMEMBER THOSE 10PM AND YOU GETTING READY TO GO OUT!!!what goes around comes around ( wierd huh) The picture of Ollie is adorable and the video of Jack is great!!!
have fun today ( and bed by 10!!)
Love Mom