Saturday, February 09, 2008

Don't Wake The Baby!

Hello Mothers...Is your child finally asleep? Have you worked so hard rocking and feeding until little eyelids have fallen? Good job Mom! But be careful, that baby can wake up...oh yes, and spoil anything you might want to accomplish.
There are many things you CAN do and baby will not wake up...
Here are 5 proven activities you can do and maintain a sleeping baby:

5) Go ahead and rearrange the cabinet with all the pots and pans!
4) Let your 3 year old poke and prod at baby while in the swing!
3) Feel free to hammer into the walls and hang pictures
2) Don't worry if you drop bottles onto the ceramic kitchen floor!
1) Hell, Have Spinal Tap come and play in your living room!

I guarentee that baby will not wake up!

But be careful, be sure to stay away from these 5 things, unless you want a cranky baby!

5) DO NOT try and organize or scrapbook any pictures!
4) DO NOT try and keep up with email correspondance!
3) DO NOT make yourself some lunch and try to eat!
2) DO NOT try and spend time with your husband!
1) PLEASE, if you want your baby to sleep...DO NOT try and lay down to rest!

By following these simple steps you too can maintain a sleeping baby. Don't fret though, if baby wakes up, just give them a light snack and wait for the magic to happen!


Linda said...

Oh how i enjoy this BLOG!!!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful baby and family
THanks for sharing with us
Makes our day