Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes It Happens

The Force Is Strong with this one...

So with potty training comes a new awareness of the private areas as demonstrated by Jack in theses 3 conversations...

JHT: "MOMMY!Somethings wrong with my pee-pee!"
(Jack runs to me)
ME: "What is it?"
(Jack pulls down his pants and has a...well...you know.)
ME: "Its okay honey, it happens sometimes."
JHT: "Oh.....Is it very big mommy?"
ME: "Yes Jack." (I guess thats how you answer that!?)
...minutes pass...
JHT: "Mommy look, its all better. But its okay because sometimes it happens."

In the shower
JHT: "Mommy, where is your pee-pee?"
ME: "Boys and girls have different pee-pees." (I try to get off topic)
JHT: "Is yours just very little?"
JHT: "I want you to get a pee-pee like me and daddy have."
ME: "I don't think daddy would like that."

Walking in on Sage in the shower...
JHT: "Wow daddy, yours is really big."
(Sage feels proud for the rest of the day)

Whats up with the whole size thing? Does penis envy start this young? Oy!

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