Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to the Heart of It hi.
Excuse: Life has been so crazy swirling around; I'm the paper stick , life- the cotton candy.
I have a new job. Other than the one that I've had for the past almost 4 years. I was offered an opportunity to teach. I couldn't pass it up. I now teach 7th & 8th grade special ed reading in Germantown. It is (aside being a mom) the hardest job I have ever had. These kids- amazing, heart-breaking. The school- inspiring. My colleges- fantastic minds and hearts to match. I'll write more about the job someday soon.
I know what you really want...and here they are:

So Jack, I haven't the right words to describe how amazing my first born little man is. He is witty and compassionate. He makes me laugh and almost cry on a daily basis. The discovery that a child his age goes through is crazy. My boy. I guess that his biggest accomplishment to date is that he can finally wear underpants to bed. We were truly scared of the whole "change the sheets every other minute because the kid peed in bed again", but Jack, as usual, has stepped up to the plate, or potty rather and proved us that he can handle the bedtime stuff. I'm sure that as I'm writing this he is pissing everywhere to spite my comment.
I had to get stitches this weekend...a whole other story, and Jack's reaction was 1st "Mommy, that is so cool!". Then he looked at the stitches again and a worried look crept over his face and he put his hand on my shoulder. "Mommy, I think I just need to give you a hug...I love you". Everyday miracles. So to wrap up the Jack factor here is an image from tonight, that if I think to much about, I will cry. Maybe its more the caption that goes along with it:

"Jack Playing Guitar"
Oliver...aka The Moose
Tempus Fugit. I can't believe how fast this almost over year is. Ollie is 9 1/2 months old...WHAT!?!
He is standing and crusing, having ,mastered the army crawl. He LOVES music. When I sing "Brotherhood of Man" he dances wildly, and when I sing "Better Place to Be" by Harry Chapin, he rests his head and sucks his chunky thumb. Speaking of chunk- this boy can eat- He weighs mere pounds less than Jack and eats sweet potatoes like they are going out of style!
Ollie LOVES his brother. he crawls after him like a puppy. He frequently uses Jacks belt loops as a handle. As soon as he gets anywhere near Jacks face, he opens his mouth and tries to inhale him. Of course this is combined with Ollie grabbing a fistful of hair for support. Jack is patient though.
I think the most wonderful thing is the way that Jack can make Oliver laugh. Its different from any other noise that he makes. There is nothing more innocent, more pure than my two boys giggling. It is my heaven.
Oliver is infatuated with the world around him. He loves people and knows his family. When he sees my mother or someone he knows he shakes back and forth, claps his hands and reaches out his rotund arms. he will grab your face and pull himself as close as he can. He tries to kiss you- but you jsut end up slobbered.
Oliver shares. Don't be suprised if you are holding him and he looks down at his raisined thumb, thinks, and then sticks in in your mouth. He's a giver!
So, Oliver picks and then to bed:

goodnight...dream about the angels

Friday, May 30, 2008

Who Can't Keep Up With A Blog?
When summer creeps around the bends I have a hard time keeping up with this thing. That being said here are some updates:

#1 Jack:

This guy is going to camp. Yes, the camp I've worked for since I was 17. The whole concept is beyond me really. I am super excited to be able to sneak up on him and check out his day, but I also have my "mom worries". All of a sudden I am worried about the silliest things..."what if they lose him?" "what if he hates swimming?". These are all quite dumb questions because the camp I work for has top notch security and some of the best swimmy people I know. There are 2 things that really will be an issue though: 1) Getting Jack up, dressed, fed and in the car to be at work with me by 7:30 2) how is he going to respond to "Mommy at work". I can't carry him around or anything. I fear that I am going to have to master the "duck and cover".
Other than all that Jack is a blast. He is enjoying the new weather. He ran into my room this morning saying:" Mommy summer is here" and proceeded to climb in for a 20 minute cuddle. He is also pretty damned funny...

JHT: "Daddy, pull my finger!"
(Sage tugs...Jack make a weird face)
JHT: "Mom, I gotta poop!"

#2 Oliver

This guys has given me some serious hives lately. I swear that he was born with a cough. Yes folks his snot has been at it again with a vengeance. I think that we are moving towards the clear though. Between that and his possible allergy I have been going nuts...(get it?- nuts...allergy?"...sorry) When he tried that delicious applesauce he crapped blood. Awesome, I know. I thought it was an allergy, but it seems as if it just happened to be a cut from pushing on a few hard turds. He has eaten it again. I was shaking as I put it in his mouth. Another side effect of working at this camp is a hyper-sensitivity to all things allergy. We seems to be good though...I feel like I say seem alot when I refer to Ollie...poor fella.
He is also 5 months old. wow. He has started to do this thing that when he is really excited he grabs the sides of my face and screams with delight. I love it.
I am really trying to savor him...more so than I think I did when Jack was his age. If you know me, you know I am not a huge fan of infancy...but this time I realize that certain things are fleeting and I will do my best to hold tight.
That being said...have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008


So much has been going on and I admit that the bloglife has suffered. Please accept this video of Ollie's first taste of applesauce as a buffer until I can write more. My big man...eating, rolling over, and balancing on his own chunk...i mean starting to sit on his own!

Monday, May 05, 2008

8 Years

8 years now...
My dad lovd Harry Chapin. I frequently quote Harry when in reference to my dad. Most quotes come from this song. It was one of our favorites. Its 5 1/2 minutes long- but Harry is a damn great storyteller. Listen if you knew him...but even if you didn't listen anyway...
I love you dad.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Petite Picasso

I am sometimes so amazed by my son...

...then again he put Oliver's anal thermometer* in his mouth 2o minutes prior. Hmmm.

*it was clean

Monday, April 28, 2008

Croup- There It Is!

So I spent my Sunday evening in the ER.
Oliver developed a nice chunky cough. He has coughed before and the doctor always said to do the usual (bulb, humidify etc..) and make sure there is no fever. Well, yesterday there was a fever. When I took his temp he was 102. The first thing I did was call the doctor's weekend answering service. My kids doc was not on call, so they were going to page the other one. I stripped down my little man and put him in the tub. I didn't give him meds right away. I just wasn't sure how much, and it seemed wrong to over/under medicate him without talking to the doc. The stupid little medicine bottles all say "under 24 lbs. talk to doctor" I was merely following protocol.
After the bath I took his temp again and it had gone up to 103. I began to sweat. It had been half an hour and no call from the doc yet. I then turned into that mom by calling the answering service again. The said that they paged to doctor and were surprised that a call was not made. They sent through another page.
An hour later I was done. Sage agreed and told me to take him to the ER. You can't screw around with an infant and a high fever. As I'm walking in I am swearing in my mind at the G-D-M-F doctor that never called me back.
After all the initial stuff at triage they brought us back to a room. It was nothing like the show ER. I did hear a page for Dr. Luca and was really excited thinking that my very own Kovach could be here. The nurses were swell. The doc came in and said that they needed to take a blood and urine sample- great.
Picture my little boy, with tourniquets wrapped around his arms then his legs...they could not find a vein. They used special lights...nothing would come. I looked down at MY baby screaming and wanted to die inside. I started to whisper "I'm sorry" into his ears and could feel his little tears on the side of his face. I felt like the worst mom in the world. Should I have just pumped him with infant tylenol? I questioned every move I made...I wish this on no mother.
Its only funny now that its over, but the reason they couldn't find a vein is because not only are the veins small, but Ollie's so chunky. That's right.
I swooped him into my arms and held his burning body close and he whimpered. He looked up at me and gave me the "boo-boo face"
After everything- the doctor said that Ollie has croup. He needed to be put on a steroid and has to go back to the doc today.
I'm glad its not pneumonia or something worse. I'm glad that Oliver slept well last night. I'm glad he woke up with no fever, although not happy about the fact that this morning was the first time he didn't smile at me when I walked in his room.
I'm pissed that the doctor that was paged never called...if I ever run into them, they will get a huge piece of my do not mess with this mother!
Happy monday...(wan wan wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Bits

It's been a while, and the sad thing is that I have alot to say...just not the minutes to organize it all...
until then:
have some toe jam...

and kiss this!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Post

So, updates are here...
Oliver officially weighs 16 & 1/2 pounds and measures 24 1/2 inches. My big guy.
Poor Jack had strep throat. The doctor prescribed some medicine, and as soon as he said oral suspension I threw my head down. Was he not aware of Jack's aversion to liquid yuck! I reminded him about Jack's medicine puke fests and he said that until he could think of another option (remember jack is also allergic to penacillin) just to get the stuff. Sure, I'll waste 40 bucks so I can scrub my floors.
Alas, we get the meds and the cutie little dropper was not with it-awesome! So I poured the meds into a small medicine cup and got a bucket ready. I admit that I was ready to bribe Jack. Horible, but what would you do- and don't say hide the meds- my kid knows. Anyway, he asked to smell it- sure. He then took the cup and drank the whole thing down without even a cough...WHAT?!? I called Sage, and he too could not believe it. Thank you mr. azithromycin, thank you...Jack is now fit as a fiddle- of course now Ollie has a yucky cough- but I'll take what I can get.
Totally not realated but a sweet story about a conversation with Jack....
There are pictures of my father in my house. When Jack has asked who it is I debated on what to say. So I told him that he was my dad and Jack's angel. So Jack has since refered to my dad as "My Angel".
Jack also tends to ask alot of questions about my dad which I am happy to tell. Any way that I can honor his legendary status in my mind is just grand. The other day we were in the car and Jack starts asking questions:
JHT: Mommy, is my angel very nice?
ME: Yes, and he was the coolest guy ever!
JHT: Look mommy a cement mixer!
ME: Your angel worked with cement he used to build houses and bridges and all sorts of stuff.
(5 minutes later)
JHT: Look Mommy theres a ladder in that truck!
JHT: Mommy, is my angel in that truck?
ME: No sweetie, I wish. Your angel is sitting up high on the clouds watching you.
(Jack looks intently out the window)
JHT: But I can't see him.
ME: I know, but he's there and he's in your heart too.
JHT: Where's my heart?
ME: In here (I pat my chest) Its where you feel your love.
(I look in the rearview mirror and see Jack pressing on his chest)
JHT: Mom! I think I feel him in there!
Ok at this point I'm about to melt into a puddle of tears. But leave it to Jack to bring my spirits back up with a good laugh...
(Looking into the rearview mirror I see Jack with his hands on his throat)
JHT: Hey mom, maybe if you just break my neck my angel can come out!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I Knew It was Too Good To Be True...

This guy is sick...

Ha-Rumph! His teachers said that he was really cranky yesterday. He told me his mouth hurt so I decided to play doctor and feel his glands...swollen. Say Ah kid, yup- red spots...grrr...
The timing couldn't be better though, I have a doctor's appointment for both kids today!
And for those of you who may be betting on Jaba the Baby's weight...know that he's had about 14 oz. since he's woken up this morning. He's trying to sway the game!
I'll post an update later!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Has It Really Been 3 Months?

So here is the full body 3 month shot of Oliver. I can't believe its been 3 months already. I was going to strip him down to his diaper and take a picture, but I didn't want anyone to bang their heads trying to get close and munch on his chunkiness!

If I may indulge myself for a moment...
He is such a good boy. He has a smile that brightens up my day. He is patient and loves his big brother. He goes to bed by 8:30 and doesn't wake up until at least 7 (gloat!)...I am truly lucky. I love to bend over him and kiss his fat cheeks. He will now grab my face when I'm doing this and let out his lovey noises. It makes my heart melt. He is just happy to be. He is strong and God knows he's healthy. He also now enjoys this:

My favorite part about the exersaucer is when Jack says... "Mom, I'm going to go play with Oliver James now!" He goes and pushes all the buttons for his little brother and spins him around (maybe too fast sometimes) Jack will dance to the music for his brother...and Ollie just eats it all up.
Sometimes, when Jack and I are talking, Ollie will just stare at Jack and smile. The connection is already there and it is the most amazing feeling...Ollie knows his family.
This last picture is my favorite...It's not well taken, its a candid after some posed funny pictures, but it makes me feel something that I can't even put into words. I'll stop talking about it now and let you all just feel maybe what I feel when I look at this: heart...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Pics

My mom needs to figure something out all...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Affair

I hate stuffed animals. I always remember hating stuffed animals.
In fourth grade we had a gift exchange for Christmas. Everyone was supposed to bring a gift that would be good for a boy or a girl. I brought this cool art set. Anywhoo, we all sat in a large circle on the floor holding our wrapped gifts. The teacher read the story "The Night Before Christmas" and every time she said the word "the" we had to pass what was in our hands to the right. About half way through I felt it. The wrapping crinkled in my hands as I squished. I thought to myself: "What 4th grader wants a stuffed animal?"...Claire, she brought this in. She loves stuffed animals. Damn Claire (raise both fists and shake here). The next "the" couldn't come soon enough. It actually seemed like I might even end up with my own gift. Fantastic! The teacher must have had the same sense because we awere almost done the story and she told us to start passing the gifts the opposite way. NO! The non-descript stuffed present was making its way back towards me! So that you are no longer in suspense, yes, I got the stuffed animal. I don't remember what it was, probably a bear with a santa hat or something, but I got it. Its hard to act like you like something when your 10. I do remeber being so pissed as I looked at everyone else. It was the only stuffed animal, and I got it. Merry bleeping Christmas! That being said........
Blog-world meet Batty...Batty- blog-world

If you have ever met Jack you have most likely met Batty. For they are one soul in one body and a pile of fluff-n-stitch.
It was October and Jack's first Halloween. Our mailman frequents the local crane machine during his routes. I guess he enjoys it, that and at the time he had 3 daughters of his own. He won the bat and thought it would be nice to give to Jack.
Let me say that by being a stay at home mom, getting the mail is somewhat of a highlight. That plus the fact that Jack & I were always outside cemented a friendship with our mailman- Jon.
Back on track, I smiled and took the bat and handed it to Jack. I was sure it was going to end up in the pile of stuffed creatures that one accumulated when they have their first child. Jack had so many. But there was only one started as a mutual attraction and quickly turn into love. Serious love, like the kind you have in 10th grade and stuff and nothing is more important and nobody understands your love....get it?
But there is something more important than mere Batty Batty tag....

The ratty piece of string is the original Batty tag. He holds it to his face as he sucks his thumb. Double whammy right? He puts this tag on his boo-boos to make them well again. This tag the holy host for my kid (sorry mom). This tag is also on its way out.
The dear mailman, seeing Batty's state has won 2 other identical bats for Jack. No go. He likes them, but they are not Batty. One is "Daddy Batty" and the other is "Fatty Batty"...yup thats right, he never said it was me, but what am I supposed to think in my fragile state!?!?!
This bat has been sewn up more than Frankenstein's monster- especially the tag. So, I, praying for a miracle, cut the tag off of one of the other bats and sewed it onto the Batty. My hope is that when the original has passed on that the newer one will be just worn enough to pass.
I fear the loss of the original. I also fear the fact that the tag says "Well made in China" kid could be breathing in lead fumes as we speak...Pray for Batty tag people...his days are numbered...I'm holding a vigil now and am prepared to sit shiva in the event of...I can't say it anymore...

Friday, March 14, 2008


I win.
The other day Ollie found his thumb. Some parents use a bink- some get by with nothing (how?!?). We are thumb people, and Ollie found his.
Which means...
The past 2 nights he has slept from about 8:30 PM to 6:30-7 AM.
Suck on that.
Have great weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Boobs. I hate my boobs.
I've always had a love hate relationship with my orbs. Right now we are in a hate phase.
I remember when I got boobs. Over one summer, between 6th and 7th grade I went from the dreaded puffy nipple stage to a C cup. Great right? Not so much. I was one of the few girls at my co-ed grade school who came out so fully. There were a few problems. First, I did not have knowledge of fully supportive bras. Mine were more of the stretchy white fabric kind-no underwire. So when I moved I looked like I was carrying a tray of jello jigglers. The other problem was the boys. Once a guy asked if I wanted to play "poker"...ok...not smart- there were no cards involved. My initial reaction was to bitch slap him...which I did. Kids at that age also thought that if a girl had big boobs she was using them in dirty ways. They assumed that I had already "done stuff" since the arrival of the twins...stupid boys.
Over the course of high school I gained a small bit of respect for my ladies, but it wasn't until college until I fully appreciated them. Between the ages of 20-23 I loved my boobs. They were my big bouyant friends. Trashy as it sounds I knew that if I was at a crowded bar I could lean and get some quick service. If you got 'em right?- Don't judge me.
Now, as in post baby, I hate my boobs once more. I know that they are supposed to be a wonderful connection- yada yada, but my damn nursing bra is a G...thats right the
7th letter of the alphabet.
Now that I'm back to the gym it gets even worse. I wear a bra plus 2 sportsbras and I'm still making a milkshake everytime I move. In class today we were doing quick know, where you run really fast in place. YOu can make your own visual, but it wasn't pretty.
I know the grass is always greener...but a world where bra indents aren't there seems like the best place to me. I can't wait until I win the powerball...I'm going to have a nice perky B....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Party Like Its 1999!

So I've been struggling with what to write about in here lately. I know that I could goon and on about the daily happenings of Jack and his brother Oliver but I would like to digress to another time.
A friend wrote a note to me the other day wishing about summer and going down the shore. That made me think of the many long weekends spent in Sea Isle when I was in college. S.L. had this fabu home in Sea Isle and twice a year we would have "October Fest" and "Spring Fling" much fun.
The weekend would cost between 60-80 dollars. Why you ask? Well Mr. S.L. and company would get much desired beverages (since I hate beer, I could always depend on there being some delish coolers) and some killer food...oh yes the food! I was never a big fan of steaks, but my Lord, he would marinate these puppies and grill them hungry-NOW! There was also a rule. The Saturday night dinner was a formal affair. We would all pull ourselves together on saturday afternoon putting on dresses and suits to sit down to eat. There was a fish course and the steak course. The other thing was that you had to serve your friends. If you would be eating fish, then you served the steak meal and vice versa.
On Sunday anyone who was cool would stay to help and clean the house and leave a note for MRS. L. in her shore book.
These weekends were so fantastic- filled with boat races, drama and so much more. I still remember one of the last times I was there- Sage, Yos and I drove down and I can remember listening to Bon Jovi as we closed in on the house...
So anyway here is a pic I found of me and Sage from one of those parties. this one dates to 1999. No we were not dating at this point(not for another 2 or so years), and yes we are flagged...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Keg Stand Anyone?

Things got out of hand during Ollie & Sebastian's playdate today...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tummy Time

This video may not be the most interesting to you. Its a minute of Oliie doing tummy time. Please excuse my annonying "mommy voice".
Personally, I am just impressed by my son's ability to lift his chubby cheeks off the ground!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome to the Isle of Sodor

So we had Jack's party this weekend. The past 2 parties were huge blowouts with tons of friends and family. This year we cut way back and had a small family party. Jack was thrilled to bits though because of what Sage made for him. He spent months on this...

The lid of the table can be put on and look like a normal coffe table. On the flip side Sage made a chalk board, and inside, well you can see the world he created.
Jack wouldn't stand still even for a picture...

He could hardly muster words. He just wanted to play. Later at the party he received all of the trains he so wished for. He wanted to bring them to the table as fast as he could. He didn't want to do cake.WHAT?!? Oh, no...I spent a good bit of my evening crafting this cake, therewas no way I was not going to stick a candle in it and sing.

We ended up bringing the cake to him and singing. He liked it, I guess. He pulled out a sweedish fish, said "mmm" and moved onto buisness. The rest of the weekend was Jack waking up at 6:30 and going right down to his playroom. He doesn't want to eat, sleep, anything! Just t should be when you're 3!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!

So these are my boy's birthday pancakes. Don't laugh- weilding pancake batter at 6:45 am is no easy task!

So Jack is 3....3! I can't believe that I've been a parent that long! He has grown so much in the past year, he's becoming a little man. I remember being pregnant with him and wishing for a little boy, wishing for Jack. When the doctor said the words: "It's a boy!" I felt as if my heart exploded into a thousand bits. I could go on forever about how he makes my heart smile, but I'll just tell you a little story from last night...

The end of the day was here and poor Oliver was not tolerating his shot very well. Despite the dose of Tylenol, Ollie was a wreck. I went to turn on the TV and the damn thing was broke. No Fox Philly at 5, sad baby, and it just got worse from there.
I started to make dinner and Ollie was crying, I looked around the house thinking about no matter how much I straighten, it just looks like a pit by 8 pm...I just started to pile it on in my head. Then I heard a voice-" make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you..." I look up to see Jack looking at me singing and smiling. He just knew what I needed. I love my little boy!
Happy Birthday Jack Henry!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Months Strong!

Not the most artistic image...but I've been going crazy this week; Jack turns the big 0-3 tommorow and I'm baking up a cupcake storm for his pizza party at school.

Ollie had his 2 month check up today. He's grown to 23" and weighs in at a 14 pounds. Yes, he gained another 3 pounds in the past month. He is right below average for height and right above for weight. When the doctor said this I replied: "Well, as you know I make them short and stout". The kind doctor's reply: "Well, lets put it this way, if there is a strong wind, Olivers not going down!" I love it!

Two months into being the mom of 3, I mean 2 boys and I'm feelin' good. Oliver sleeps well, he only gets up once a night (knock on wood).
He started to smile recently. There is no joy like saying hey to your waking baby and being greeted with a smile. It makes everything worth it. He coos and I swear I heard the inkling of a giggle the other day.
He loves to look at the spinning bears over his pack and play, he also enjoys the fan spinning. Like his mother, he is easily amused.
What I think I like most is that he knows when Jack is around. He hears his voice and starts moving around to get Jack into his eyeline. Luckily this process doesn't take long since Jack likes to be about 1/2" from Ollie's face at all times! He will just sit and stare at Jack with a smile on his face...brotherhood!I think soon we are going to put Ollie in his know, the one in the room that Jack currently resides-this should make for some fun stories!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes It Happens

The Force Is Strong with this one...

So with potty training comes a new awareness of the private areas as demonstrated by Jack in theses 3 conversations...

JHT: "MOMMY!Somethings wrong with my pee-pee!"
(Jack runs to me)
ME: "What is it?"
(Jack pulls down his pants and has know.)
ME: "Its okay honey, it happens sometimes."
JHT: "Oh.....Is it very big mommy?"
ME: "Yes Jack." (I guess thats how you answer that!?)
...minutes pass...
JHT: "Mommy look, its all better. But its okay because sometimes it happens."

In the shower
JHT: "Mommy, where is your pee-pee?"
ME: "Boys and girls have different pee-pees." (I try to get off topic)
JHT: "Is yours just very little?"
JHT: "I want you to get a pee-pee like me and daddy have."
ME: "I don't think daddy would like that."

Walking in on Sage in the shower...
JHT: "Wow daddy, yours is really big."
(Sage feels proud for the rest of the day)

Whats up with the whole size thing? Does penis envy start this young? Oy!

Friday, February 22, 2008


So Olllie had his first ever playdate yesterday with his friend Sebastian who was born one day before him. Ollie was up and ready when Sebastian arrived, but his new friend was still coming off of a car ride high.
The momsof the two little men ate and chatted...the only reason they were present is because of the whole "no motor skill" issue that the boys both have.
Finally Sebastian woke up to find that Ollie had fallen asleep waiting. He decided to man up to the mommy bar and have a drink before Ollie returned to a waking state...Those two "moms" were still just talking...they were also a bit loud!
After what seemed like minutes both boys were fast asleep, only to be woken up by those moms again.
The mom-a-razzi had arrived and flashes flew everywhere. At long last both boys were awake and opted to pose for a photo or two.
Here is one of their favorites:

Finally, after many beverages, some bowel movements, and lots of good times, Sebastian decided that it was time to go home.

PS- thanks to Linda for coming over to break up the "mom-notany"...I had an awesome time!

Monday, February 18, 2008

2 Stories About Butts

I am amazed at the stink that emits from my child. Oliver farts like a 70 year old man who just had his fill from the Sizzler. Its almost not human. So you can imagine how its been now that he has only been pooping every few days now. MY LORD! First off, when he farts each one last for what seems like minutes, and I must admit that I am impressed. So, every other day or so after many toot trains, it comes. He gives a low grunt and out comes his crowning achievement.
I swear that it looks as if you microwaved an entire jar of Jiff and dumped it into his diaper. It is truly amazing, I am in awe of his tush!
After, he seems almost high an will nap. I have given birth to a true man!!

So today was my first day back at the gym. I was bent when I realized that my Ipod was not charged. I would have to revert to my 2 other favorite gym activities to keep me occupied while working out: 1) imagining what I would do with powerball winnings, 2) checking out the other gym goers.
Today seemed pretty dull. As I was picturing my new shore house I saw her. It began as nothing too funny. She was on her treadmill; punching it out and raising the roof. Funny, but every gym has the enthuastic treadmiller.
After about 30 minutes on the eliptical I moved into the weight room to stretch and do some ab work. The same woman was on a mat and doing some ab stuff too. As I got into the plank position I heard someting..."SMACK!" what? I turn my head to the left and glance at the woman, she is doing leg lifts. I turn back to my plank and hear the noise again..."SMACK!" I decide that I am missing something big here and roll onto my back to do some regular crunches.
I then see the origin of the noise. This woman is smacking her own ass!
After a few leg lifts, she smacks her ass! I know that its good to feel the burn...but really?
I almost can't believe it. I have to leave...I cannot be serious with someone smacking their own ass. I love the YMCA!

I hope everyone has a smack ass kind of day!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Don't Wake The Baby!

Hello Mothers...Is your child finally asleep? Have you worked so hard rocking and feeding until little eyelids have fallen? Good job Mom! But be careful, that baby can wake up...oh yes, and spoil anything you might want to accomplish.
There are many things you CAN do and baby will not wake up...
Here are 5 proven activities you can do and maintain a sleeping baby:

5) Go ahead and rearrange the cabinet with all the pots and pans!
4) Let your 3 year old poke and prod at baby while in the swing!
3) Feel free to hammer into the walls and hang pictures
2) Don't worry if you drop bottles onto the ceramic kitchen floor!
1) Hell, Have Spinal Tap come and play in your living room!

I guarentee that baby will not wake up!

But be careful, be sure to stay away from these 5 things, unless you want a cranky baby!

5) DO NOT try and organize or scrapbook any pictures!
4) DO NOT try and keep up with email correspondance!
3) DO NOT make yourself some lunch and try to eat!
2) DO NOT try and spend time with your husband!
1) PLEASE, if you want your baby to sleep...DO NOT try and lay down to rest!

By following these simple steps you too can maintain a sleeping baby. Don't fret though, if baby wakes up, just give them a light snack and wait for the magic to happen!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep Your Pants On!

Everybody cross your fingers...Jack wore underpants to school today.
'Nuff said!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do You Remember 10 PM?

10 Pm. It used to be that I was dressed and ready go. At 9 you could hear me singing in the shower; most likely show tunes. I would get out and dry my hair, put on makeup and sport a much smaller size pair of jeans than I am today! As I put on a cute shirt, I know I didn't take enough appreciation to the fact that my boobs were much more bouyant. One last check in the mirror and I was ready to go. Many nights I would be waiting at the door for Sage to pick me up.
It's Monday?, oh then off to Marita's Cantina for karaoke. You can laugh, but karaoke was a fixture for years with our friends. We would always be 8 to 10 strong depending on the season.In the summers when we were working at camp,it wouldn't be unusual for there to be at least 20-30 of us crowding around the bar and hogging the mics.
We would arrive and push tables together and then get to the books. We were friends with the guy who ran it. He went by Psycho Sean and was absolutly inappropriate, but we loved him all the more for it.
Everyone flirted with everyone, people would be dancing everywhere; it was awesome. I could still tell you the staple songs my friends would sing. And if you were new to the night you always had to sing the iniation song...I Touch Myself.
On any other given night we could be found doing just about anything, but we almost always ended up at Dennny's dring coffee until the wee hours of morning talking, playing stupid games, and loving it.
10 PM was exciting. It was when we all came alive.
I know that many of my friends have kids now. How crazy is that!
The majority of my friends are "married with children". If you told me that 10 years ago, I would laugh, but thats how it is. Life is so different for many of us now.
Cut to 10 PM now...I've had my jammies on since 7 when I took a shower with Jack- its just more efficent. At 10 PM the TV is on. I'm usually getting ready to go to sleep, or at least lay down to watch something like Project Runway. I go upstairs and creep into Jack's room. I need to check on him at least once before I go to sleep. I touch his cheek and fuzzy hair, listen to him breathe, pull up the covers, kiss him and tell him to "dream about the angels". I go downstairs to pump milk and wash bottles. The lights are all off except for the small yellow one above the stove. I lay down and wait to hear Ollie's breathing- check. Kiss Sage who is probably watching sports center...time to sleep. Don't get me wrong...things still come alive in my house after 10 PM...every night these days, but you will find me with a fuzzed out ponytail that has probably migrated to the side of my head...and I sure as hell don't feel like singing. But I'm happy, and there is nowhere I'd rather be.

Anyway here is a random pic of my 6 week old!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Jack VS. Wild

Watch as Jack navigates some touchy terrain with a little encouragement from his daddy. While only momentarily distracted by bells, he conquers the rock. Watch out Bear Grills!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Road To Wellville

The boys are better!
Jack has returned to a crazy little man, and Oliver is almost 100% as well. This makes me so very happy.
I took Ollie for his 1 month checkup...11 pounds ladies and gentlemen. He was 8 pounds at 10 days old, and now at 1 month- 11 do the math. All else is well and on target with him...
I don't have much else to say today except that I am a happy mama!
On a fun side note:
When Jack does something well, we tell him that we are proud of him. Last night I was sitting and pumping some breast milk. Jack is fascinated with the whole process. Anyway, he points in close to me and says:

JHT: "Mommy, is that your broken boobie?" (a few weeks ago the things were damn near falling off!)
ME: "Yes, but they are all better."
JHT: "Oh, I'm so proud of you for making Oliver's milk!"
ME: "Thanks..."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Write It Out

I can't lie, having sick boys is really getting old. I feel like I can't really enjoy the lounge weeks of having a newborn.
My Hands...I have the worst case of dishpan hands on the planet. They look like I've sat and rubbed Brillo across them just for fun. But I am being such a freak about washing in between touching children as to not reinfect. Enough complaining...I'm sorry. The funny thing is that I've been reprimanding Jack for all of his whining lately and here I am doing the same.
Jack did do something amazing today. I sacrificed my new sharp markers to Jack as something fun for him to do...the green will never be the same. He loves to draw.
Anyway he was drawing shapes and playing with stickers and I decided to go into pre-school mode. I wrote his name in tiny dots and asked him to trace it.
Sage and I have done this before, but today he rocked it out and I am super proud of him!
First a pic of a sick boy getting well:

Now, his name...he got really excited when he got to "K":

Its the little things that make you feel a bit less crazy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

4 Weeks

Its been 4 weeks already. Through all of the tiredness and sickness, it still doesn't feel like its been that long.

I know the exact moment I fell in love with Ollie. It wasn't right as he was born; I think because I was still heaving. It wasn't in the recovery room. It wasn't even on that day. I know it sounds horrible, but I'm just being honest.

On the morning of December 28 at around 6:30 AM they brought Ollie into my room. He went to the nursery that night because I wasn't able to get out of bed and Sage was home with #1.

There was a small light on that made the room soft yellow. They brought him in and I raised my bed. They put him into my arms and he was wide awake. Not hungry, not fussy, just awake. For about an hour we stared at each other. I just held him in the quiet and stared. I began to memorize his face and breathe him in. It was one of the most beautiful times of my life.

One month later, and he is getting personality and I swear he smiled at me this morning, and not because he was moving a good one!

I was never quite sure how you could fit two children into your heart...I know it happens all the time, but I just couldn't understand it until I was there face to face in a quiet hospital room with my second son.

Please get better little boy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Trudging Along

Well, I thought Jack was better yesterday, but his cold has landed him back on the couch with a fever today.
Ollie, may have RSV. The doctor said its not too bad and to just make sure the boy doesn't get a fever. I feel so bad, the kid has been sleeping in a bouncy seat for days now because of the congestion.
The most fun part of this is keeping the two separated. All Jack wants to do is be with his brother. The other night he woke up, and while I was giving him medicine he croaked: "Mommy, I'm getting better and then I can kiss Oliver? Right?"
What kind of sick game is this? Is this my initiation into "mommy-of-2-hood"? If it is I'm Taking my ball and going home!

Monday, January 21, 2008

In An Hour

I was really pissed when I burnt my muffin...I was really looking forward to some buttery toasted bran and that had to happen. I looked at it like a "cleansing".
So I called the doctor, and as I explained Ollie's symptoms, the nurse says: "yeah, he's gonna need to come in..."
I still feel so helpless. Thats what I hate the most. Sitting and watching your 3 week old heave; patting his little back and hearing the crackle inside. Some things aren't easier the second time around.
I hate the helplessness...
At least we're going soon.


So I seriously jixed myself. I think I have been boasting the good life too much...It is now 6:45 AM.
Jack, has an unbreakable fever, and he told me his tongue hurts...which more than likely means ear infection.
Oliver is so congested that he had to sleep in his bouncy seat...I can hear him grunting from here..
The doctor's office opens in 2 Hrs 15 min.
They are getting a nice call from us...and we are going whether they like it or not.
I don't like these reindeer games!
Damnit! I just burnt my muffin!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Whats For Dinner

Poor kid...only 3 weeks old.
Sorry buster, this is life when Sage Thompson is your father...
Also one of the reasons I married him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Poopie On The Potty!

So we've been doing the potty training for a while now. Jack's been great with #1, but #2 has been more difficult. There have been many accidents and offerings to the underpant gods, but we've taken it all in stride. He's been such a trooper.
I honestly expected Jack to regress with this process due to the arrival of Ollie, but this has not been the case. My only goal was to just have him trained for summer since he's going to be going to camp with me.
Anyway....last night Jack was in his playroom and he yells: "I gotta poop!"
We told him to come upstairs, always enthusiastic but thinking that he'll just sit and toot.
Seconds later, the wafting smell came and Jack cried: "I made a poop- look!"
So proud. We did the "poopie" song and dance and proceeded to let him pick out a special sticker that his uncle Joji had brought from Japan.
The best part was after he cleaned up...

JHT: "Hey Mommy..."
Me: "Yes honey"
JHT: (gesturing to his little log) "It looks like a J but its really an I!"

Wow...pooping and letter recognition...I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Many Showtunes In The Womb?

Jack Says: "Look Mommy, I'm a grill"

Cut to me multitasking...

I'm just not right without my daily dose of Britney.

It actually makes me feel like the best mom ever.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oliver James

And so here he is...I know that it has been 2 weeks and no word, but I've been adjusting and enjoying my new son; Oliver James.
Just so you all know, my sons: Jack Henry & Oliver James are NOT named after Thomas the Tank Engine characters- it just so happens that there are engines with those names; although Jack would have to disagree. Another sidenote- you do not have to refer to them by their first and middle name..we do so with Jack due to an uprising in the popularity of his name- which is another rant all of its own!
So here is the newest edition and I shortly after recovery. I must say that I hate "recovery". I can't stand not being in control of my own body. I kept writhing my shoulders thinking that would quicken the process. The spinal took so long to wear off.

Spinals aren't as bad as they sound. I was terrified, but it was a much quicker and easier process that the epidural. I remember when the lovely medicine man was injecting the spinal saying to myself "...but it goes to 11!"
I also must say that I adore the nurses at Bryn Mawr...they were fanny-tastic. I knew I loved them when they injected sweet dilaudid into my IV. I am allergic to percocit- oh well!
Here is a close up of the boy:
Finally, for now I must sing the praises of my older son, who is the best big brother EVER! I was sure that there would be backlash- but no, just love. I am not stupid, I am sure that a sibling war will come upon us sooner or later, but for now- I am lovin' the love here at Team Thompson!

Tune in for more adventures of Jack & Oliver!