Friday, January 25, 2008

Write It Out

I can't lie, having sick boys is really getting old. I feel like I can't really enjoy the lounge weeks of having a newborn.
My Hands...I have the worst case of dishpan hands on the planet. They look like I've sat and rubbed Brillo across them just for fun. But I am being such a freak about washing in between touching children as to not reinfect. Enough complaining...I'm sorry. The funny thing is that I've been reprimanding Jack for all of his whining lately and here I am doing the same.
Jack did do something amazing today. I sacrificed my new sharp markers to Jack as something fun for him to do...the green will never be the same. He loves to draw.
Anyway he was drawing shapes and playing with stickers and I decided to go into pre-school mode. I wrote his name in tiny dots and asked him to trace it.
Sage and I have done this before, but today he rocked it out and I am super proud of him!
First a pic of a sick boy getting well:

Now, his name...he got really excited when he got to "K":

Its the little things that make you feel a bit less crazy!

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ntacsback said...

I'm sorry they're sick but I love the Prep sweatshirt!