Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Road To Wellville

The boys are better!
Jack has returned to a crazy little man, and Oliver is almost 100% as well. This makes me so very happy.
I took Ollie for his 1 month checkup...11 pounds ladies and gentlemen. He was 8 pounds at 10 days old, and now at 1 month- 11 pounds...you do the math. All else is well and on target with him...
I don't have much else to say today except that I am a happy mama!
On a fun side note:
When Jack does something well, we tell him that we are proud of him. Last night I was sitting and pumping some breast milk. Jack is fascinated with the whole process. Anyway, he points in close to me and says:

JHT: "Mommy, is that your broken boobie?" (a few weeks ago the things were damn near falling off!)
ME: "Yes, but they are all better."
JHT: "Oh, I'm so proud of you for making Oliver's milk!"
ME: "Thanks..."


ntacsback said...

Quite possibly the most adorable conversation ever.

Amy Jo said...

Sam is equally impressed with the pumping. He loves to 'help' me push the lever up and down. He's gotten so into it that if I don't pump after breakfast he'll let me know!

Our boys love their siblings so much!