Monday, March 10, 2008

Party Like Its 1999!

So I've been struggling with what to write about in here lately. I know that I could goon and on about the daily happenings of Jack and his brother Oliver but I would like to digress to another time.
A friend wrote a note to me the other day wishing about summer and going down the shore. That made me think of the many long weekends spent in Sea Isle when I was in college. S.L. had this fabu home in Sea Isle and twice a year we would have "October Fest" and "Spring Fling" much fun.
The weekend would cost between 60-80 dollars. Why you ask? Well Mr. S.L. and company would get much desired beverages (since I hate beer, I could always depend on there being some delish coolers) and some killer food...oh yes the food! I was never a big fan of steaks, but my Lord, he would marinate these puppies and grill them hungry-NOW! There was also a rule. The Saturday night dinner was a formal affair. We would all pull ourselves together on saturday afternoon putting on dresses and suits to sit down to eat. There was a fish course and the steak course. The other thing was that you had to serve your friends. If you would be eating fish, then you served the steak meal and vice versa.
On Sunday anyone who was cool would stay to help and clean the house and leave a note for MRS. L. in her shore book.
These weekends were so fantastic- filled with boat races, drama and so much more. I still remember one of the last times I was there- Sage, Yos and I drove down and I can remember listening to Bon Jovi as we closed in on the house...
So anyway here is a pic I found of me and Sage from one of those parties. this one dates to 1999. No we were not dating at this point(not for another 2 or so years), and yes we are flagged...

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