Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Post

So, updates are here...
Oliver officially weighs 16 & 1/2 pounds and measures 24 1/2 inches. My big guy.
Poor Jack had strep throat. The doctor prescribed some medicine, and as soon as he said oral suspension I threw my head down. Was he not aware of Jack's aversion to liquid yuck! I reminded him about Jack's medicine puke fests and he said that until he could think of another option (remember jack is also allergic to penacillin) just to get the stuff. Sure, I'll waste 40 bucks so I can scrub my floors.
Alas, we get the meds and the cutie little dropper was not with it-awesome! So I poured the meds into a small medicine cup and got a bucket ready. I admit that I was ready to bribe Jack. Horible, but what would you do- and don't say hide the meds- my kid knows. Anyway, he asked to smell it- sure. He then took the cup and drank the whole thing down without even a cough...WHAT?!? I called Sage, and he too could not believe it. Thank you mr. azithromycin, thank you...Jack is now fit as a fiddle- of course now Ollie has a yucky cough- but I'll take what I can get.
Totally not realated but a sweet story about a conversation with Jack....
There are pictures of my father in my house. When Jack has asked who it is I debated on what to say. So I told him that he was my dad and Jack's angel. So Jack has since refered to my dad as "My Angel".
Jack also tends to ask alot of questions about my dad which I am happy to tell. Any way that I can honor his legendary status in my mind is just grand. The other day we were in the car and Jack starts asking questions:
JHT: Mommy, is my angel very nice?
ME: Yes, and he was the coolest guy ever!
JHT: Look mommy a cement mixer!
ME: Your angel worked with cement he used to build houses and bridges and all sorts of stuff.
(5 minutes later)
JHT: Look Mommy theres a ladder in that truck!
JHT: Mommy, is my angel in that truck?
ME: No sweetie, I wish. Your angel is sitting up high on the clouds watching you.
(Jack looks intently out the window)
JHT: But I can't see him.
ME: I know, but he's there and he's in your heart too.
JHT: Where's my heart?
ME: In here (I pat my chest) Its where you feel your love.
(I look in the rearview mirror and see Jack pressing on his chest)
JHT: Mom! I think I feel him in there!
Ok at this point I'm about to melt into a puddle of tears. But leave it to Jack to bring my spirits back up with a good laugh...
(Looking into the rearview mirror I see Jack with his hands on his throat)
JHT: Hey mom, maybe if you just break my neck my angel can come out!

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OK I am sitting at my desk crying now!! I love that!!
LOve Kathy Dip