Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome to the Isle of Sodor

So we had Jack's party this weekend. The past 2 parties were huge blowouts with tons of friends and family. This year we cut way back and had a small family party. Jack was thrilled to bits though because of what Sage made for him. He spent months on this...

The lid of the table can be put on and look like a normal coffe table. On the flip side Sage made a chalk board, and inside, well you can see the world he created.
Jack wouldn't stand still even for a picture...

He could hardly muster words. He just wanted to play. Later at the party he received all of the trains he so wished for. He wanted to bring them to the table as fast as he could. He didn't want to do cake.WHAT?!? Oh, no...I spent a good bit of my evening crafting this cake, therewas no way I was not going to stick a candle in it and sing.

We ended up bringing the cake to him and singing. He liked it, I guess. He pulled out a sweedish fish, said "mmm" and moved onto buisness. The rest of the weekend was Jack waking up at 6:30 and going right down to his playroom. He doesn't want to eat, sleep, anything! Just t should be when you're 3!


Linda said...

The cake looks awesome, way more impressive than that train table!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures I'm glad you captured the cake !! I and Mom Mom were impressed by the table and the cake!!!( My speciality is Carvel!!!!)
Happy Monday
Love Mom