Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where The Boys Are

Whats with men and their need to hover around other working men. I'll explain. My neighbor across the street is a nice older Greek man. He was telling me that he was having the "dish" installed so he could get some Greek channels. A day or so later I look outside to see that the "dish" guy was installing this enormous dish on the side of the house. Yes, their house now has a huge ear. The poor dish guy. He was up on the ladder answering calls from his boss on speaker phone and had my neighbor standing at the bottom with his hands on his hips. When ever there was a break in the nextel I could see my neighbor waving his hands and pointing. For over an hour the 2 two were out there.
This same thing happened years ago when my parents had to get the dishwasher fixed. My dad was next to the guy the whole time holding a flashlight and asking questions.
I don't get it...if anyone has an idea please fill me in on this secret of manliness.


Linda said...

It's like this...men hate to call other men for help, so when they aboslutely have to they must act as though they really don't NEED this other man's help...in other words stand next to them the whole time and act as though they know what they're talking about. This is a phenomenon observed quite often near broken household items or newly purchased electronics.

Anonymous said...

Leo Said....Did not feel like making an account....lol

hmmm...I wonder if that is the same reason why women go to the bathroom together...hmmm. I guess we are the same in some ways but thank God, "us Men", do not crowd around in the bathroom holding a flashlight or screw driver..lol

bh said...

see, it all comes down to pride and money. the man stands beside the repair person and asks questions because he wants to find out:

1)how to install/fix/repair something himself so as to boost his ego and get some props from the wife for doing a job all by himself.

and 2) how to do all that stuff without having to call a repair person, who will most likely make the wallet feel significantly lighter for a job that may not be done right.