Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gym Etiquette

There are many articles on gym etiquette. so far I've only found one that talks about the rules of the game in an aerobic class. I know all about sweat, smells, and sounds but what about personal space.
In the classes I take I generally stay in the mid to back region of the room. I think the farther away from the jiggle in the mirrors- the better! I also think that it is an appropriate placement for my experience. I'm not the most in shape, but not the worst either.
So today, in the hardest class of the week for me, I am really trying to focus. Remember the reunion with the successful doctors is coming up.
About ten minutes into class a woman meanders in with a mug of coffee. She is donning her sweats and a couple other layers of clothes. I glance but only quickly because we are doing some crazy shit with weights and balance. She sips her coffee and slowly takes off layer after layer. She then places her mug about 12 inches behind me. Oh and just in case you weren't sure about the class, there is nothing stationary about it!
She has finally decided that she is ready to begin. The class was by no means packed today, but she really wanted to stand right next to me. Like really close. Again, not a stationary class!
We are doing kicks with grapevines and all sorts of using the large space allotted to use. But this woman stays right up on my grill. Does she not realize that I smell like a 325 lb. fat man when I work out.
The real kicker is that I try to move to different spots during the water breaks. Freedom. No, no really, in about 3 moves she is right there again.
I swear I almost abduct squated her right in the kidney- on purpose!
So for anyone who reads up on gym etiquette...Rule # 10- Back it up!

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