Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday at the Gym

So there was this woman at the gym in my cardio kick and sculpt class. Seemed nice- looked normal; a bigger woman in her 40's (I assume) nothing unusual here- or so I thought. Hence conversation:

Woman at Gym: How many weeks do these classes go for?

Me: They are 7 week sessions.

W.A.G.-Well I've got 2 weeks.

Me: Its a tough class, but its good.

W.A.G.- Where do you see the difference?

Me: I've noticed a change in my arms and alot in my butt.

(side note- class is going on at this time- I'm missing steps because she won't stop talking)

W.A.G.- Well, I've got 2 weeks. How long have you been doing this- how big were you before?

Me: (mentally: WHAT?!?) out loud: months- slowly but surely.

I then move away- FAR away.
I don't really know what to say about this woman- I just thought I would share our conversation.

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Amy Jo said...

Have you checked out People Under the Stairmasters? It's quite fun. As fun as gym people are weird!