Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lost in Translation

There are so many skills that I have acquired since becoming a mom.

Some skills gross; like the ability to catch puke before it falls on the rug. This is so disgusting, I know. I was the kid who ralphed when someone else did. But there is accomplishment in knowing that a rug need not be scrubbed.

Some skills sweet; like knowing that your kiss really did make the boo-boo all better.

But the one skill I take most pride in...understanding what my boy says.

Jack speaks really well for a 2 year old. But lets face it- he's 2... diction and clarity are something that comes with time. But I most always know what he's saying.

Sometimes I feel like his translator- letting people know what he really wants, when they think they already have it all put together. Maybe its a moms pride- the one thing that I understand better than any other person- no matter how many kids that other person has had- I know what he's really saying.

I know that people in the acme look at me like i'm crazy. We ride up and down the aisles talking about what we see and i ask him questions about the list I should be carrying. Going shopping can really suck, but I really enjoy talking to Jack. The way he puts his thoughts together and expresses them astounds me.

We all have to make it up and down the aisles- but sometimes it takes a 2 year old to point out the smaller things we don't really get a chance to see.

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Secret Asian Man said...

Cute kid, how much you want for him? I have 5 dollars and a bag of Doritos, lol. See you for Idol tonight, MMB.