Friday, March 30, 2007

A Decade Ago

So I received my official 10 year reunion invite yesterday. I knew it was coming, but it threw me when I actually held it in my hand. I know some that have laughed and said "Ha, it's only your 10 year?!?". I know that by all standards I am not OLD, but the invite did get me thinking about where my life was this time 10 years ago.

This lovely image is my senior portrait. I must not have know the use for tweezers back then- sheesh. I do remember though that I had to be late for hockey practice to get this shot taken. I hated, and still do, being in front of the lens. I am much more comfortable behind it snapping away. I was then equally pissed that I had makeup on. I remembered thinking that the only decent use for makeup was for the shows I was in. So that's the pic...I guess I really liked red. huh.
Ten years ago, NO ONE had a cell phone. Everyone had pagers. Not me though. I think my parents associated them with drug dealers. My boyfriend at the time had one. Wow, he was a douche bag. My father couldn't stand him either. He would prank his pager and put in numbers to different homosexual hot lines. That was his idea of fun. I was so certain that this guy was "the one". Then again who doesn't at 17. Yeah, I should have listened to my parents, but then what would I have had to brood over?!?
At this point in my life I already had an athletic scholarship to SJU for field hockey. Needless to say, I could have cared less about SATs. I didn't even bring a calculator. Classes that year were merely a social event.
The world wide web was still somewhat foreign. It had come around about 2 years before. I don't even know if I had a proper e-mail address at this time. The only world wide thing I was concerned with were the World Wide Wicket Sales. This is from the last musical I was in. My senior year we did How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at St. Joe's Prep. I lived for rehearsals. Being in these shows were the highlight of the year. The musical theater program at SJU was crap. Sadly I have not done a musical since. I remembered thinking that one day I would haul off for Broadway.
I was on top of the world my senior year. It was an amazing time.
I don't know how I'll feel reuniting with my classmates. Sure it'll be fun. Yada, yada,yada. I have found out that many of the people I graduated with are now very accomplished doctors and scientists. Before anything is said, I KNOW that being a mom is just as important. It can just be intimidating to see such successful women around you. We'll see. Hopefully I can coerce my friend who I have not seen since graduation to go. We could at least trump up some old banter...
I don't know how to end this. I guess I'll write more after the actual event. Look for part 2 in early May!

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Linda said...

So was this before or after you started the eyebrow thing? Beat-i-FULL!!!!!!!!