Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Delicious Day

There is something to be said about walking outside and realizing that you don't need a coat. The world in general feels lighter...and car seats buckle without much struggle.

I think that the temp was at about 77 degrees today, maybe warmer. Although I know it is not going to last, today was perfect.

When we got home from the gym, I transferred Jack from his car seat to the lawn in one large swoop. He ran around with his arms outwards yelling "Its nice and warm mommy, I yub it! I yub outside! Yets play!" An hour later there were chalk murals on the bricks of our home, soccer balls crushing unfinished tulips and sweat on my baby's head.

He slept like a rock in his cool room under the warmth of his "choopy" (aka Sage's childhood blankie).

When he woke from his nap we were at it again. We jumped in the stroller to meet our friends Lauren and Jackson. We hit up 2 parks. Between park rotation we stopped to get some cool treats. Jack sat so still on this bench dripping with icy sugary goodness. " How does it taste Jack?" ..."Dayicious mommy"

As Sage was putting Jack to bed I sat out on the steps to think about the day. It doesn't get much better than this. Well, it would have been better if my legs didn't look like milk-toast in shorts, but more sun to come. Hopefully sooner than later. Much love to our park buddies!

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