Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Some Ketchup Talk

Well, we are somewhat back in the groove. I finally got a seasonal job to carry me over until the birth of #2. I will be taking kids portraits at the new photo studio in the Babies R Us. If you need your kids photo- or want one of yourself- let me know...should be fun!
Jack is better. We are officially on the road to potty training. I actually purchased some "big boy underpants" yesterday. Jack put them on when he got home from school. He peed in the first pair- he did not enjoy that. He walked around like a cowboy..."I don't yike dis! help, I'm so wet..." He proceeded to go 5 times on his mini potty after the first "wetting".
I think that those pull-ups are a waste of time and money. For sleeping-sure...it takes a while for them to wake up and pee. But for everyday use- Jack doesn't mention the potty if he has a diaper on...the pull-ups are just a glorified diaper that cost alot more. Thomas undies it is.
I started Christmas shopping yesterday, for Jack. I am so paranoid that I'm going to go early this time. That, and I don't think that I am going to want to deal with everyone elses "holiday cheer" come December. 2 months people- are you kidding me. So much to get done. OY!

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