Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Is Crazy!

This morning Jack woke at about 6:50 am. This is pretty normal. But, today he woke up and was saying "Grandmom, Grandmom, where's Grandmom?" I went in his room and he repeated "Where's Grandmom, gotta call Grandmom, lets go find her."
This threw me off a bit. When we went downstairs he continued. When Sage woke up I said we should call his mom because she hadn't been feeling well. She was fine and Jack spoke to her.
This afternoon I had to go to work and I was giving Jack an early bath so Sage wouldn't have to. My mom was going to watch Jack. She called me to make sure what time I was coming. She said..."OK, well I'm on my way home from the hospital" WHAT!?!?!
She proceeded to tell me that at around 7 am my grandmom had a heart attack.
My Grandmom is fine- She was speaking to my uncle when the pain started so she got to the hospital in time and is coming home on Friday.
I don't know what to say about all this...but I have to wonder. In a way its really beautiful to think that family can be so connected that they know. Whether it was my dad or Boo-Boo giving Jack a message I don't know. But I just found the whole thing a bit overwhelming.
I'm just glad she's OK. I love you mom-mom!

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Anonymous said...

Jack Henry is a Pisces, we all have a physic ability. Almost other wordly.