Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cold Sheet Kinda Gal

The weather has become a wee bit colder today. It was around 72. Perfect. I am a fall girl. I do not like the extreme seasons and spring goes a bit to haywire for me. But Fall- lovely fall.
Anyway, today felt like fall. The AC was turned off and the windows opened to let in the fresh crisp air.
That being said, I love going to bed in a freezing cold room. All year round I have not only a comforter, but also a quilt on my bed. I intend to use both at all times.
I've heard people say that they love to jump into a warm cozy bed...not me. Lets put it this way- Sage is not allowed to lie on my side of the bed 1 hour prior to me going to sleep. Therefore, if he really wants to piss me off he will lie on my pillows and side of the mattress- bastard!
I love jumping in and moving my legs around until it warms to the appropriate temperature. If it be a bit to warm...I will allow one leg to come out of the covers. Any warmer than that- Then it is not cold enough in the room.
There is nothing better than flipping your pillow in the middle of the night revealing the "cold side". Oh, and move your leg to a chilly spot on the sheets? DIVINE.
I'm not sure if you even care, and I won't go into my pillow placement (its very specific). The weather man said it was going down to 50 tonight and I got a little giddy at the prospect. Happy sleeping friends!

In other news- I go for my first appointment tomorrow. I've been hesitant to write about this pregnancy before I see the doctor...So please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and that we hear one mini heartbeat!


Amy Jo said...

Where ya been, lady? Is everything ok?

Morning Glory said...

I UNDERSTAND!!! Completely! I flip the pillow over in the middle of the night...I need the down comforter on during the summer too...I get pissed beyond belief if Vince has warmed the sheets...I still cold covers from wherever I can find them mid sleep. The husband gets mad. I say - then get us a King size bed. Love, Chrissie