Monday, August 27, 2007

End of Summer Evaluation

Hello to anyone who might have stopped by here!

I know that its been so long since I've been around. The summer has been long and wonderful. I cannot disclose the details of my job due to new Internet rules (what?!?). Since I am vying for their fall employment, I will comply.
As much fun as the summer was, it was also really difficult. My job requires me to be super crazy spirited. In the beginning this was not a problem, but as my pregnancy and belly expanded, things got harder. I have issues with people who come to work and do not give 100%- Why come if you don't want to work. This may sound funny to those close to me. I am fabulous at half-assing many things, its a gift really, but a no go when it comes to clocking in.
I had to really focus in on my body and listen to its ever changing needs.

The little one causing all this you ask?:

Ah, yes- The old-school ultrasound. OK, This is a picture of the baby's head and chest. Picture the child standing right in front on you and looking straight into your face...that is what is happening here.
We do know the gender, but out of respect for my mom- I will not post it here. (LIVE YOUR DREAMS MOM!)
If you would like to know- just shoot me an email and I'll let you know.
As for the other small Thompson in my life- Jack Henry is doing well. He has mastered the word "because" and is enjoying his twos.
Last night though- the little stinker was up all night screaming for juice. See we are cutting down his liquid intake as to hopefully potty train him before the birth of the new one. He is a well hydrated little boy- he does get juice before going to bed. Unlike Britney, he gets watered down juice and not soda.
Anyway, he has a lovely habit of waking up and asking for more. I will not lie- I have before given in- but no longer-Last night was truly a test of wills.
I was sure that social services would be at my door this morning from the screams. At one point around 1:40 AM, I stepped outside to avoid the noise- Lord help me, I could hear him on the streets" MOMMY, I WANT MY JUICE CUP RIGHT NOW!"
No juice...this morning around 7:50 AM "oh, hi mommy, i so firsty, yets get some juice please".
Nanny JO!
Anyway, I have a week or so off in between work. Last week I ran around alot. Today, I, without hesitation dropped Jack at school- promptly picked up an iced coffee and a pork roll, egg'n'cheese son a bagel- came home and watched a re-run of dawson's creek. I love pacy witter.
That being said, I am beginning to feel a bit lazy and will now find something constructive to do with myself...

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cello said...

woo, you're alive! i was just thinking about sending you an email the other day to see how you were doing