Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

I remember loving snow as a kid. Not so much now. I hate when it creeps in between my boots and socks while I sweep off the car. I don't like driving in it either. But today, on the first real snow day we've had this winter, I remembered. I took Jack out this afternoon. He was in his glory. He thought it was so "silly" that we were playing soccer, and was amazed at his own footprints. He didn't mind the snot running down his face or the snow on his eyelashes. He just enjoyed the world -looking like an empty canvas- he drew on it today.

I wish I could have taken pics of him outside- but the thought of dropping the D70 in the snow worried me. So here are his mini boots. Happy snow day- the first for me in years...off to make hot chocolate for my baby!

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Anonymous said...

I can only hope to be as good at being a mom as you are!!!!