Thursday, May 25, 2006

mirror images

so it is official- the room that i grew up in is no longer my own.
i went to visit my mom this morning and she handed me a cardboard box. i know that this sounds cold, but it's not- i knew that this day was coming and the box had been waiting for me.
you see my little brother still lives at home and has taken all 3 of the bedrooms that we (my 2 bros and i) had growing up. he now has a bedroom an office, and has so graciously let my mom make one a guest room.
so the box- most of my things were thrown away. its not all that bad, because i suppose if they were really important, i would have taken them when i got married. regardless, all that is left of the room i lived in for 23 years was a cardboard box with some odds and ends; pictures, a trophy etc...the picture here is from the 8th grade father daughter dinner, i know!
i guess the wierdest thing is the mirror in my room. for years it was covered with pictures, movie ticket stubs, stickers and sharpie "tags". my brother cleaned it all off. i don't know why but it hurt a bit. this is the mirror that i looked in every day- through my changing phases of life. it is where i teased up my bangs, and put on black eyeliner when i thought i was punk...its the mirror i used to get dressed on my wedding day. call me a sap, but i always loved gazing around the mirror when i was getting ready- looking at the borders to see where i've been, and looking at my reflection to see where i was its clean...


xxx said...

i had a corkboard like that in my room growing up. but my siblings didn't wait so long to deconstruct it. one day, i came home from the prep and my sister had moved into my room and all my stuff was in the creepy room on the third floor -- except the corkboard. angela tore everything off that and kept it for herself.

stupid siblings.

namdlab said...

my brother left for college when i was in 6th grade, and I took his room. he had tortured me my whole life, so i just moved all his stuff without asking him. it was therapeutic. that's probably why i'm so well-balanced and level-headed now.

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