Sunday, June 18, 2006


i start work tomorrow for the next 9 weeks and my stomach is in knots. i know that moms go to work every day, and god knows that there were days that i wished i wasn't at home, but now the day is here.
maybe i feel like this because jack was extra "lovey" today. i think this would all be easier if he had a bad day, but it was quite the opposite. we followed our normal routine with some extra hugs along the way.
i know it will be good for him to play with kids his own age, and it IS a mental break for me. i know everything will be will- it will- its only 9 weeks damn it!!-pull yourself together!
sorry, just had to get that off my chest...have a good monday everyone


Kathy Doyle said...

Janet-Monday went ok, Tuesday a little better- You'll see by Friday he will be happy and playing trucks with the other GUYS!!! Have fun at work I love you. You're a GREAT mom
Love Mom

janet said...

thanks mom...