Tuesday, October 17, 2006

linvilla in october

you might think that linvilla would be the most wonderful place to go on a sunday in october...the sun was shining, the pumpkins were blazing orange- and it was mobbed! i was remembering my trip as a kid; buying a bag of carrots for a dime and feeding the horses...so magical. this past sunday it was nuts. every person with a kid under the age of 9 was there- and boy were they all in a rush. they all needed fries-now...pies-now...hayride tickets-now. wow. thats all i have to say about the crowd.
we did go on the hayride, which we were looking forward to. our tour guide however wanted to take many moments to stop and have a lecture on all the different orchards- which would have been nice if the hay bales weren't covered with kids jack's age. every time mr. wizard stopped the kids would all start to fuss more. jack had obviously had enough of his banter. in the middle of one of the "lessons" jack stood up, waved his arm across his chest and yelled "GOOOOOO!" to the man. good thing the hay was there.

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