Wednesday, October 11, 2006

spit bubbles

so of all the constructive things i could have done with my son today, i thought i would take some time out to show him the art of the spit bubble. its sounds gross and i guess it kind of is, but he was laughing his diaper off. it was a wonderful learning experience.
i remember when i first figured out how to make one, i was in montessori. i was so excited to show miss augustine what i could create. i stood there and patted her on the shoulder as she sat in the class circle. i continued to tap for her attention until she looked up at me and asked that i stop patting her like a dog. she then smiled and asked what i wanted. i was sure that my skill needed no introduction so i just began to create. unfortunately, i was not a master yet- i just spit down my chin.
i'm better now.

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Linda said...

Ode to the spit bubble...of which I have not quite mastered yet...Jack keep practicing and you'll be as good as mommy one day!