Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I miss my children

I guess that got your attention.
Hi. I have no idea if anyone checks anymore, but I decided to make a visit. There are 2 weeks left in my first teaching year...maybe I can be a summer blogger- maybe I'll just write this one- who knows?
Back to missing my kids. Pneumonia. I have pneumonia. It blows. I've been sick for days and diagnosed yesterday. I'm not allowed back to work until I'm 24 hrs. without a fever, so I've been at home. I had almost forgotten how much day time TV sucks.
Anyway, my AWESOME mom has been picking up my kids from school and watching them until Sage comes home. I really don't want my chunkie bunch to get this- and I have a super hard time not biting my children. Not in a "creepy thin moustache man" way, but more of the "mom can't get enough of chunky cheeks and fat heinies"

How muchable are they? I hate not being able to gobble them, and I think I'll cry if I hear Jack say "how'bout I just kiss you on the cheek mommy?" on more time.
Jack is a regular riot. He is a mini con artist. This morning he was not "feeling well" and I comlpetly bought it. He said " I think I'll just lay down and rest". 30 minutes after Sage left the house, I see a little pair of feet shuffling at the top of the steps- "Mommy, how about I read to you". He scampers down in a t-shirt and Superman under-roos. He reads..."Mommy, I think I need some fuel."
Jack is also the epitome of a curious boy, who asks hundereds of questions and makes me understand why I can remember my mom yelling "WHAAAAAAAAAt?!" He retains its all and amazes me with his applications. He tolerates his brother (I'll say why in a minute) with love and patience. The two of them have a bond so strong, and I can't pinpoint its beginning.
Oliver. He is so different from Jack. He rules his world with muscle and sticks he collects. He is independant and strong. Jack will sit and try and find a hinge to open something- Ollie will just bust the damn thing apart, and then study it.
Ollie has a feel for music that I didn't think could come so early. Before he even tried words, there was song coming from his perfect mouth. It moves him- delights him- it is obviously in him.
The sun in Oliver's world is Jack. I really think it was his first clear word. he follows his brother. He will tear him off the couch by his toes- not to be mean, but so that he can climb on top of him, grab a chunk of his hair and cuddle.
I know that the pictures kinda suck. I have made it a goal this summer to take brilliant pictures of my son. Not crappy point and shot ones. Since I am not teaching summer school, I will definatly have the time...right?


Amy Jo said...

Hope you're feeling better soon enough. It's so hard to be separated from the kids. :(

I would love it if you came back to the bloggy world, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Janet...I know your Mom is awsome...I've know her for a very long time!! Sorry to hear your feeling lousy...get well soon!
And THANK YOU for getting back to blogging....yipeeeee!! Have missed your tales of parenthood ;-) Get better and get blogging...love ya!

Anonymous said...

It makes my day picking up the boys!! When I walk into the room the sheer delight on their faces when they see me is magic and pours out pure love!! !
Love Your ( Awsome) Mom

Linda said...

JANET!!!! YOUR BACK>>>>I've missed you!!!! Wonderful reading and can't wait to see the boys this summer!