Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sassy. That's my mom, or rather what everyone in my family calls her. My boys love their Sassy. On Sunday mornings we go there for breakfast. All I have to do is mention Sassy to Ollie, and he starts doing this dance that resembles the truffle shuffle from Goonies.
I love watching her with my kids. She is so patient. This past Sunday Jack dropped a train or left a train or something and it was my brother's growing up so it was metal. My mom got caught up in the train wreck and sort of skipped while saying- "Hai-ya-shi-coo-coo-ahhhh!". Jack looked at her wondering if she too spoke Japanese like his other grandma. I just commented that this was never how she reacted when I was a kid. Her words would have been way more colorful. Just like when my brother got in trouble for saying shit in Montessori. Hmmmm- I guess grandkids change you...Anyway:


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Anonymous said...

I learned the leeson of patience the hard way...Just enjoy,live every moment,listen and don't even take a "train reck" on the foot for granted
love Mom